Microsoft Exec Explains Why Xbox One is Delayed in Denmark

Microsoft recently announced that Xbox One will arrive only in 13 countries in November 2013 (as earlier promised 21). Microsoft PR Spokeperson, "Jesper Green Frost)" has revealed why Xbox One has been delayed in Europe.

Jesper Green Frost stated that problems with the chips to the console, extra cache memory, combined GPU / CPU and others are not the reason for Xbox One delay in Europe.

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ShugaCane2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

"He further addded that people should wait for the Xbox One, because the PS4 is only a more powerfull PS3, while the Xbox One is a whole new thing, which brings an entire entertainment system into your home."

Extremely stupid argumentation, especially when the X1 has so far proven to be an accumulation of bad decisions. That 'whole new' thing you presented a few months ago was met with a lot of praise, huh ? This is gaming we're talkin about. People are asking for a gaming console first, not an entertainment hub. At least not as a priority.

iamnsuperman2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Well the quote is really
""I think quite clear you have to wait because Xbox is the only eighth-generation console. A Playstation 4 is, and I am sorry to say, but this is all in my eyes, it's just a stronger Playstation 3 Where I seem to Xbox One brings a whole different paradigm into the console world. Namely entire entertainment system. "

They need to stop doing this. People who buy at launch are predominately gamers. It is hard to take Microsoft approach (and this quote) seriously. You can have the multimedia capabilities but don't shoot yourself in the foot when it comes to gaming. You need to show a gaming focus (as we are the ones who buy first and pre-order the damn thing) and statements like this doesn't help. Us buying at launch has a knock on effect down the road for the rest of the market especially when these multimedia abilities are being seen in TVs as we speak.

Abash2828d ago

In other words, Microsoft's mudslinging really translates them to saying this...

"Damn, we wish Xbox One had the same hype as the PS4"

us_army2828d ago

I couldnt agree more.... Launch purchasers are gamers through and through, and are interested in Hardcore gaming, not jumping around on a camera, or plugging a cable box (which you pay your provider for) into your Xbox, which you pay for Xbox Live, plus you pay for your TV service.... Im sorry, I'll stick to the games.

xHeavYx2828d ago

*Puts on latex gloves*
Ok M$, show me where it hurts

Jdoki2828d ago

Slightly off topic...

Have MS stated how the XB1 will work outside of the US for TV services?

The TV landscape is very different in the UK. US may be their biggest market, but Europe is close behind. I can't see how they will cater to Europe for this 'whole different paradigm' thing.

So far all I've seen is stuff that is very much geared toward the US. Cable for one, but also the links in to sports that are very US-centric. Also, have MS not realised that we're seeing a huge shift to TV on demand rather than scheduled delivery.

nukeitall2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

So how has this entertainment focus, changed video games for the core for the worse?

All I'm seeing is major features related to gaming, and some of the best games for any console.

Do you just have problems because instead of calling it a videogme console, you will have to refer to it as an entertainment console?

It seems odd to me that people are complaining about extra ability. If you wanted the best games hardware could buy, it would be PC and none of this console BS would matter.

gaffyh2828d ago

I'm not 100% sure, but I believe that compliance and testing issues for electronics is done EU-wide? So if the console can release in France, it should be able to release in Denmark. If that is the case, it yet again proves that the yield issues are true because they are denying it so strongly and trying to make it out as there is no issue. It is also a little worrying if that is the case, as to whether or not it will affect failure rates on the Xbone in the countries it is launching in.

Second thing, MS is starting to become the same as they were early on on PS3 cycle, with Aaron Greenburg spouting some nonsense constantly. They really need to STFU about the competition, they shouldn't even mention PS3 or PS4, because that in itself is advertising the system.

malokevi2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Yeah its dumb... unless you're actually excited about the prospect of an all-in-one entertainment box.

For me, the XB1 offers everything that I have been dreaming of for the past 8 years while my X360/PS3 have been tripping over themselves. And more.

My cousin is making the switch from Xbox to Playstation in the next generation. He's not the smartest penny in the fountain, but his reason is good.

He told me he wants a gaming console, and that's it. He doesn't want multimedia, doesn't want bells and whistles, doesn't want voice/motion controls. He wants a console that he can buy every iteration of COD and NHL, and play them. Thats pretty much it.

I almost put up the argument: well... PS4 isn't exactly an exclusively games-oriented console... but I held my tong. For 100 dollars less, with no motion controls, for mainstream/casual games... it might as well be a gaming-only console. He's making the right decision. Why should I interject and try to persuade him towards the Xbox by talking about a bunch of crap that he doesn't care about?

For me, I want everything and the kitchen sink. Everything the Xbox is delivering looks perfect to me. From games to music to movies/TV and social media... I use it all. But that isn't for everyone.

So, I'll let him make his own choices, and then I'll lord it over him when we walk into my gaming space and the Box is already setting up our game before we even hit the couch because it see's my face and hears my voice, and then does the same thing for his face and voice :D

And then hopefully when it picks up on how sad he is, my Xbox will go "oh, you don't seem too happy, here's some cheery music to lighten up the mood!"

minimur122828d ago

I prefer PS, yeah. but I'll admit, the X1 has some interesting features. But my TV box still uses scart, so that feature is useless to me, and 'snapping' that seems cool but it's behind a paywall. as is internet explorer.
thats disgusting
how can a free service be paid for? Idont get it.

maybe becasue it's free on PS, but I find it amazing that if I have one, I'll need to pay to use skype. pay to use the internet, on top of my internet bill already. why?
I blog and I've opinionated it here:

DragonKnight2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

@nukeitall: Short answer is it hasn't. But the issue at hand is that early adopters are first and foremost gamers. History proves this. However Microsoft aren't marketing their product towards gamers with this "it's an all-in-one entertainment hub" slogan. They are marketing it to the casual audience who RARELY are the early adopters.

To top it off, in terms of gaming the Xbox One can easily also be categorized as just a powered up 360.

But to think that a Microsoft exec would say anything but praise for their product is naive of anyone.

@malokevi: "well... PS4 isn't exactly an exclusively games-oriented console... but I held my tong. For 100 dollars less, with no motion controls, for mainstream/casual games... it might as well be a gaming-only console."

I'm sorry, what? Can you repeat that? Did you just say that the PS4 is for mainstream/casual games or am I misunderstanding you? Also, since when were motion controls an important, standard feature? They've never been. Even with the Xbox One including Kinect in every kit it's not a standard feature because most likely won't use it.

FamilyGuy2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

The PS4 is also an all in one entertainment device. Just because they aren't placing a heavy focus on its non-gaming aspects like MS is doing doesn't mean it's just for games.

Every time I hear or read this it just sounds ridiculous.

When the PS3 was first announced and advertised people complained about THEM calling it a multimedia entertainment console. From the start it played Blu-ray movies and it had a HDD standard in every model that allowed you to save your own video files, music and photos directly to it. It had a web browser, read media from SD cards, usb drives, burned data disc, etc, had an option to install a Linux based OS and even had the ability to hook up a printer and print whatever.
People didn't like the non-gaming aspects being advertised.

Sony still has non-gaming, multimedia, entertainment based features for the PS4 that they just aren't talking about yet. They're focusing on gaming because gamers will be the first to buy their system.

This guy, and anyone else having the assumption that the PS4 will only be for playing games is just wrong. They've already spoken lightly on the other aspects and we'll be hearing more about them soon.

"just a more powerful PS3"
Uh, yeah, that's what we want, a more powerful gaming console that can do more! PS4 is all that while still not cramming features we might not want down our throats and all at a lower price.

devwan2828d ago

" I am sorry to say, but this is all in my eyes, it's just a stronger Playstation 3"

Looks like Mr Frost didn't get the memos. Nobody from microsoft needs to be downtalking the competition in any way, shape of form, they are supposed to be talking their own hardware up but not at the expense of others. Just not classy and leaves a bad taste after recent events.

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ABeastNamedTariq2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

I literally laughed out loud when I read that. I find it funny that people think PS won't have just about the same entertainment features and apps. As if they don't already?

MS markets their machine as an all-in-one, and now some people believe that it's the only all-in-one system. No, they're acting like they're the only one.

It basically comes down to which UI you like using better to access your apps.

Still, it's supposed to be a gaming console first and foremost. Save most of the entertainment talk for Xmas when you're marketing to the families.

-Foxtrot2828d ago

Sony has even said entertainment stuff will be added to the PS4 in the future, I mean we already have that stuff about Sony and Viacom so it's not like they won't add entertainment things for the console. Sony just wants to focus on what matters at the minute and that's games.

Microsoft honestly believes the PS4 just an upgraded wow.

Xsilvermist2828d ago

Lol Microsoft that same more powerful ps3 made you guys copy everything they did to save your asses, and go back on ur so called future of gaming like not actually owning ur own games, but then its also even more powerful than the Xone so I'm lost. they need to be quiet because Sony will hit hard tomorrow at gamescom.

Thegamer412828d ago

Everyone keeps saying the PS4 is just an upgraded PS3 since it does not come with something like Kinect, does that mean, last gen, the 360 and PS3 were the same console?
Its the games that define the console not the peripherals included that add nothing new to gaming.

Mystogan2828d ago

" the 360 and PS3 were the same console?"

They actually were. just different games and policies.

Thegamer412828d ago


That's my point, the games are what separated them apart, and it will be the same this gen.

ShwankyShpanky2828d ago

Didn't you know? The NES and the Master System were the same console. The SNES and the Genesis were the same console. The Saturn and the PlayStation were the same console.

Crap like this: "I think quite clear you have to wait because Xbox is the only eighth-generation console" is pathetic. I guess we should really be calling it a fourth-gen console.

Cartridge based: gen 1
Disc based: gen 2
Online/HD: gen 3
TV/Kinect: gen 4

rainslacker2828d ago

Sometimes a feature can define a console. The Wii is an excellent example. Virtual Boy. ummm...sure there are others.

However, this isn't the case here because outside of Kinect games, which are still unproven to be that appealing to the hardcore, the added "features" really have nothing to do with gaming, or how we experience those games.

I would say this is somewhat true of Sony's PS4 as well. The biggest announced "feature" is more in how we interact with others while gaming, and not really about defining game play on the console as a whole...although they could interact nicely for the social types out there.

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pompombrum2828d ago

Bad mouthing their competitors.. Microsoft being as classy as ever I see. They should be glad Sony doesn't resort to such low tactics otherwise they'd need to do a 180 on that as well.

Jdoki2828d ago

Didn't you watch the Sony E3 show?

If that wasn't the biggest dig at a competitor since the 'Sega Do What NintenDon't' adverts I dunno what is! :)

(No criticising the approach of Sony - I think for the most part MS are much more divisive in their bad mouthing - but there are no saints in this industry)

pompombrum2828d ago

Sony never once directly referenced the Xbox One as far as I'm aware, at least not negatively. The closest they came was their sharing games video.

Blaze9292828d ago

lol grow up. I can't even be bothered to point out the hypocrisy in this right now.

FamilyGuy2828d ago

Sony never says/said Microsoft/Xbox/Xbox one/360, they only say things like;
"We're doing this"
"We won't be doing that"
"Our console is the only place for..."
"Here's how you do this on our system"

Mircosoft employees come out saying "Don't buy a PS4, our system is better blah blah blah"

Do you guys see the difference?

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GraveLord2828d ago

He's kinda being a hypocrite.

Xbox 360 ---> XBox One
Kinect ---> Kinect 2.0

You can't claim PS4 is just a more powerful PS3 and ignore then praise the Xbox One as some unique innovative platform....

PS4 is just as much an entertainment system as the Xbox One.

Thatguy-3102828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Lol everything that made the xbox one new was taken away with all the 180 spins. Now Xbox one is just a stronger 360 isn't?

Magicite2828d ago

MS exec saying that people shouldnt buy PS4 but wait for XBO. Oh the irony..

Mounce2828d ago

Another PR that should be fired and isn't giving Microsoft and their console division a good name by sounding so incredibly ignorant and immature.

Being Conceited has limitations, hopefully even for Microsoft.

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WeAreLegion2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

I fail to see why anyone would think the Xbox One is any more of an entertainment package than the PS4.

You can watch cable through it?!? My Wii U does that already. I never use it. Nobody ever uses it. It's a waste of time.

"He further addded that people should wait for the Xbox One, because the PS4 is only a more powerful PS3, while the Xbox One is a whole new thing, which brings an entire entertainment system into your home."

Televisions already have Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Spotify, etc. The PS3/360 also have most of these apps. What do they mean "entire entertainment system"? We've had "entire entertainment systems" for years.

rainslacker2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

This past Christmas, I looked into getting a PS3 for my dad for all that media stuff. He wanted to have a media server, and use netflix, etc. I ended up buying him a $90 Sony Blu-Ray player and it does everything a PS3/360, and likely a PS4/X1(sans remote control features) can do, a few exceptions of course. It even has a XMB type interface, although a pretty crappy youtube app, and a useless browser.

People buy these things for games mostly. If people want Netflix, Media Server client, or those other features, they'd buy a cheaper alternative, or go with the device that doesn't put all those features behind a secondary pay wall.

MS is playing the wrong card trying to appeal to the wrong people. They're late to the party with most of this stuff...which is pretty typical of their business model overall.

SniperControl2828d ago

MS remind me more & more of a slimy salesman on a garage forecourt desperate to get a sale.
They will say and do anything to get one over on the other sales people i.e Sony.

Unfortunately for MS, most gamers know the crack and wont listen to BS from some PR flunky.

gaelic_laoch2828d ago

Say M$ and I get a vision of Saul Goodman in my head!

SniperControl2828d ago


i was thinking more of this guy, Gil Gunderson from the Simpsons.


gaelic_laoch2828d ago

@ SniperControl

If your talking Simpsons then I see Don Mattrick as the MonoRail guy selling the Xbone to the Fanboys!

Mikelarry2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

all i read was excuses this, crappy explanation that. also when will MS learn bad mouthing before a press conference only to fall face flat after and then going 180

gaelic_laoch2828d ago

M$ tried to make the Xbone an all in one Frankenconsole! But like all monsters it turned on its maker!

devwan2828d ago

Have to say, looking through your posts you have some of the funniest one and two line comments on here, even if you don't always add to the conversation :)

As for article, Jesper Frost is going to be in trouble if he continues directly putting down the competition, it's not policy and not what he needs to be saying in delicate times - anything and everything will be reported and written about as it was here and it's only going to do microsoft more harm in the long run.