1UP Reviews Imperium Romanum

1UP writes: "Ancient Roman city-builders are a denarii a dozen these days, and some of them are quite good. Well, Caesar IV, at any rate. But Imperium Romanum does nothing to distinguish itself. If this game were to mug you in broad daylight, you still wouldn't be able to pick it out of a lineup. Almost everything is rote and forgettable, built from the stuff you pick up on your first day in City-Builder Design 101.

Haemimont makes a few attempts at adding interesting touches. For instance, the guys who carry goods are called "slaves" instead of "workers." Only men can be priests, prefects, or philosophers. Monuments have special powers. With these thorny issues of slavery, gender, and architectural magical realism, Imperium could lay claim to being edgy, controversial, and historically accurate. Not that these are discernable qualities in a city-builder this bland, but it'll take what it can get."

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