gamescom 2013 – Game of the Show Predictions

El33tonline writes:

"Like years previous, Germany’s overwhelmingly enormous gamescom event this month will play host to hundreds of videogames across a huge spectrum of genres and platforms, as publishers and developers (both great and small) showcase unannounced, unreleased and brand new titles for media and the public over five days of gaming paradise."

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ShugaCane2818d ago

If The Order 1886 gets an official gameplay reveal, I'm expecting it to blow everybody's mind. ReadyAtDown/Santa Monica = Epic Combo.

Gazondaily2818d ago

Going by CBOAT's info, I reckon a late October launch for the PS4. If that happens, forget waiting for the X1. I'm buying the PS4 day one.

n4rc2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Would a week or two really be a big factor for you?

Not starting anything.. I'm curious and asking honestly

Edit.. Cool.. I'm interested to see what they have as well.. I don't much agree with the ms hate and am sticking with them until I see a reason not to.. But I can't argue the 399 price point.. If they show something really cool I could see myself getting one at launch.. I've blown 399 on less and stupider hahaha

Gazondaily2818d ago

Well, a week or two won't make that big a difference I guess. But if Sony have some really cool announcements at Gamescom, I might just buy the PS4. As it stands, I much prefer the launch games for the X1. That might change on Tuesday though.