Capcom’s Latest Statement on Resident Evil 7-What Does it Mean?

In a recent interview with Market for Computer and Video Games (MCV), Capcom stated that they were seeking to return to the roots of the Resident Evil series with its next entry. While fans may be undoubtedly intrigued, there are still many questions regarding what Capcom meant with this statement.

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mcroddi2822d ago

I hear we will get a hard core resident evil. A la RE 2 or 4

delicia2822d ago

Capcom also said RE6 was going "back to the roots". I don't really expect much from RE7.

bohangirl842822d ago

That's a good point. I still hope they will genuinely make strides with RE7, but Capcom really has to step it up.

DarkBlood2822d ago

they should start by bringing in billy and rebecca and the rest lol

breakpad2821d ago

RE4 was not a hard core resident it was the start of a disaster ...(personally (and for a lot of old fans) the worst game in the series even worse than RE5)

Kurylo3d2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

going to have to agree, never understood why people keep saying RE4 was great. Maybe they just havent played through it. It started off great. But then the story got so stupid and corny and just boring and unscary. See giant robot walking statue lol... sorry but no. RE4 was a very cringe worthy game. One of those games you were hoping no one saw you playing unless it was the first 10 minutes of the game in the village. Plus you had no attachment at all to any of the characters. I mean seriously i could care less if they killed anyone in that game. Rather in RE2 I actually hoped characters would live.

KonsoruMasuta2821d ago

RE4 was way better than 5.

Edito2821d ago

They will definitely will lie to they're fans like always and when Battlefield 4 and Ghost hit market they will do RE7 in a way to match the success of those two and not The Last Of Us... but they will regret that when The Evil Within hit market cause without a doubt that game will be a big hit maybe not in the level of The Last Of Us... but it will

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Darth Gamer2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I hope you are joking with that question!! LOL. Here are a couple of the obvious and the others will probably dive deeper in to them.

1.) It is no longer a survival horror game by any means. It is now an action shooter. Now we have so much ammo and guns it makes Gears of War jealous.

2.) the Story is so far gone from the original series that it is unrecognizable for the old fans.

3.) QTE's. Not gonna say more on this

4.) The characters are not even the same characters. They are huge muscle bound, steroid using numbskull brutes.

5.) The Zombies are not even zombies anymore. and the rest of the enemies are even more ridiculous.

7.) The Atmosphere is not scary what so ever. Big sunny wide open spaces? WTF

8.) No more puzzles. This goes back to my #1. RE is now an over the top Action Shooter That could compete with the WWF. (Chris's round house kick and over the top Donkey punch)

Anyways, there are just a few of the more obvious problems thet are wrong with the direction that the series has gone in and what is basically wrong with RE5 and 6.

sephiroth4202821d ago

it was a legit question as ive only played the demo of 6.
1) making it more action was a step in the right direction for the people who felt the humans just moved waaaay to slow, but you're right they shouldnt have much as much ammo and weapons at their disposal.

2) ah that is a shame i did play these games alot for their story.

3) qtes are always a minus, apart from in the instance of god of war as it actually had a point.

4) well in all honest i reakon if there was a zombie invasion the strong hench guys would probably make up alot of the survivors, unless they truely are numbskulls.

5) they what now?

6 went missing lol

7) i think you can create a scary atmosphere from having big sunny open spaces you just need something else there to create the tension, maybe a bunch of zombies eating someone and the players character watches from far away but when seeing that they scream, thus getting the attention of the zombies and them making a run towards the player in their hordes, i mean look at 28 days later.

8) puzzles seem to be dissapearing for a lot of games over the past years, tis a shame.

you should check out dying light, that looks amazing, talk about setting a scary atmosphere.

MrTrololo2821d ago

I done with Resident Evil. The Evil Within here i comes

Shoul2821d ago

I think we are seeing an era of developers/publishers actually listening to the consumer, because its finally coming across that if you give us what we want, we'll pay you in kind. Backlash, word of mouth and the internet are such powerful tools that can now have massive repercussions on sales etc.

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