Dying Light: Will The Major Features Work?

Dying Light is an open world free running survival horror game. The major features will set it apart, but will they ultimately work?

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ABeastNamedTariq2823d ago

I sure hope so. That gameplay demo certainly put it on my radar. Mirror's Edge + Dead Island + Left 4 Dead? Yes please.

Although, the combat looks a little clunky, like Dead Island. It seems I'd have to stop the momentum of running to fight (something I hated to do in Mirror's Edge).

But still, the free running and atmosphere at night already sold me on the game, so I hope it lives up to expectations.

fsfsxii2823d ago

No, its Deep Silver. Expect the worst.

LordNikon2823d ago

What does Deep Silver got to do with this game?

fsfsxii2823d ago

Aren't they the ones developing that game??

Oh, its Techland, yeah, i got a little confused there

AgentSmithPS42823d ago

How dare you sir or madame with your upturned head looking down your nose at a fantastical new zombie game!

The video was cool, and that was a lot of wind.