Full Auto 2 Soundtrack Announced

Gearing up for its launch-day release on the PS3, Full Auto 2: Battlelines is set to improve upon the original game previously released on the Xbox 360 in every way, one of which being some great licensed music. Just this week Sega has announced the game's official soundtrack, and we are here to report the full song lineup....

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Dlacy13g4470d ago

NO REPLAY mode. If ever there was a game that just screamed show me the replay of the race its Full Auto. I played the 360 version for all of 20min and then got tired of it cause I could never appreciate the destructable enviorments I was blowin up during single player. I really wanted to go back and watch the race and see how the stuff I blew up, etc...affected the race. anyway....its a feature this series should have but sadly doesn't(for sure 360 doesn't have it...dont' think the PS3 has it either)

Mikey_Gee4470d ago

If part "2" is even close to part one, NOT INTERESTED !!

Arkham4469d ago

This info was already posted. Enough already.

xombi4469d ago

the last one was garbage..this one...garbage X 2..sega please...go back to the golden age of classic; shinobi; shenmue; etc etc..


Yo Wassap4469d ago

shemenue wasn't that great, classic games are almost always just looked at through rose tinted spectacles. That is except if they are really crap (rise of the robots?)

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