'Super Smash Bros. is a dangerous brand'

Super Smash Bros. was almost cut from the Evolution 2013 stream schedule and that was sort of mysterious. Now some light has been shed on the entire issue in this article.

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PSNintyGamer3452d ago (Edited 3452d ago )

"From a Marketing perspective, Smash is dangerous because of the content/playstyle of the game. Iconic Nintendo mascots beating the hell out of each other is an awesome gameplay experience, no one will challenge that fact, but from an overall Marketing view it’s, well, dangerous. The popular image of Mario, the widely publicly recognized one, can never be of him beating the hell out of Princess Peach or, say, of Link tossing Zelda into the fires of Brinstar, Pikachu hitting Jigglypuff with a baseball bat, so on, so forth."

That is the stupidest reason I've ever heard. BS

I doubt many casual Gamers would even watch EVO.