Payday 2 Review - To Continue Press

A review of Overkill Software's newest release, Payday 2.

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ash_tcp2830d ago

This review is for the PS3 version. It seems that the Xbox 360 and PC versions are much more polished. Sadly, on the PS3 the game is horrible.

AusRogo2830d ago

No... I have the ps3 version and it runs just fine.

Only issue I have is matchmaking. Holy shit its bad trying to get in a game..

Sideras2830d ago

Heh same on PC. Only time this game sucks though is when playing with randoms, steam is infested with Russians.

thechosenone2830d ago

matchmaking is an issue on PC as well it's not just a PS3 issue.

nutcrackr2830d ago

He couldn't get a game online, forced to play alone or with bots.

2830d ago
MrTrololo2830d ago

Another website seeking attention. Nothing to see here

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