PS Plus: Sony's Indispensable Secret Weapon

When Sony originally announced the ‘PlayStation Plus’ service, they were criticized for adding a fee to what was known as the free place to play online. Since then, the PSN has become a power house for online play, and the PS Plus has become one of the best services to hit the gaming market this generation. Games like Dust 514, Stark Hawk, or the addictive cake fighting adventure Fat Princess, makes the online offering on the PSN

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TomShoe2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Ridiculously good value for a cheap bargain.

Rock on, Sony.

Kryptix2819d ago

Definitely a great value for the price. Recommend it for anyone that loves gaming but can't buy new games every month. The subscription keeps you busy and adds great games you might have missed out in the past.

rainslacker2819d ago

Not to mention gets you into series you may have no interest on from just marketing. Or getting into new genres you never thought you'd like.:)

NeckBone2819d ago

I was reluctant at the start to get into playstaition plus, but since then ive been able to cancel my gamefly subscription

sweendog2819d ago

I think someone disagrees that you have cancelled your gamefly subscription

Williamson2819d ago

64 games across 3 platforms in only one year is just really amazing. I went a month or 2 without plus so I could of had more in my download list.


It is a great value, I was skeptical at first, and then used the excuse of not needing to get it (cause I already owned most of what I wanted from it, although I did miss out on Infamous 2). My wife and kids got this for me just this past father's day, and I can honestly say it is a great value (especially the PSP/Vita offerings for me), and the account works across multiple devices (soon to include the PS4). I definitely plan to keep my subscription up to date, and can't wait to see what is to come.

BLAKHOODe2819d ago

That's what I don't get. It's such a tremendous value, but out of all the friends I have on my PSN friend list, only 3 of them subscribe to Playstation Plus, despite how many times I've put it over to them. People are so skeptical about the service even after all the high praise from the gaming community, but then when they finally get it, every time, they admit to what a great deal it was and how they REGRET that they didn't sign up sooner. I don't know why it bothers me that so many people are missing out on such a great deal. Hopefully, once Sony makes Plus mandatory for online play, people will then realize what they have been missing.

stuna12819d ago

Wow! You and I basically have the same story! My Daughter and Son's got me my first subscription, and know I have 175GB out of 750GB left on my PS3 hardrive, because of all the value offered through PS+.

Many say you rent the free games, that may be true, but the games that are 50%, 60%, 70% , 80% off are mines to keep indefinitely, even without a subscription. Now that's value that pays for itself.

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The story is too old to be commented.