PS4 Eye vs Xbox One Kinect: Unfair Competition

Sony Isn’t Forfeiting Anything With PS4 By Not Including The PS Eye
The system still has motion gaming capabilities with Sixaxis.

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sigfredod2819d ago

I´m glad that the PS4eye is optional

golding892819d ago

ps4 eye vs kinect?

An unfair competition for sure.

although each camera have their own features.

JokesOnYou2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

lol, sounds like th author was trying to convince himself.

He said rumble hasn't been used in an interesting way but then said don't mention when you fire a gun or a bomb goes off, only useful things....lmfao, yeah it was so useful its expected now, its subtle feedback that adds that little bit extra to the experience. I mean does he want "rumble" to shock us or really blow him up? lol, whoever wrote this should be ashamed...I feel dumber for having waisted 2 min of my life.

2818d ago
BlueBlood172818d ago

It's really all about software.

Compared to the Kinect, the new PS cam has an extra camera (allowing for 3D photo and video), double the framerate (120FPS), a lower resolution (800p HD versus 1080p full HD), and no InfraRed blasting (allowing nightvision effectively and improved depth sensing). As far as i'm aware, both have the same field of view, and both have high sensitivity noise cancelling microphone arrays.

But when it comes down to it - the capabilities come from the software, which is where Microsoft have a definite hefty advantage as they are so invested in their offering.

Both provide motion control, play well with the controller and (as far as Sony has hinted) voice control and player/facial recognition. But as I said, Microsoft is putting a lot behind the Kinect whereas we can't really expect Sony to do as much software wise (especially as it is just an accessory in the PS4's case).

Both cameras, in essence, do pretty much all of the same main things.

Spoons2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )


You're honestly trying to tell us that the Eye is anywhere near as advanced as Kinect?

Dude, the One may be shit in your opinion, Microsoft may be greedy pigs to you...

But please, at least admit that in reality if anything the Kinect is miles better than the Eye, so much so that they're borderline incomparable.

ShinMaster2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Unnecessary comparison, more like it.

BOTH will have full body motion tracking.

BOTH will have voice and facial recognition.

BOTH will have the SAME exact gameplay. Because believe it or not, BOTH will be limited by human motion, no matter if one has better tech than the other.
They said the same thing about the first Kinect, but have you guys even seen most of its games? Who are we kidding here. Half of them were EyeToy level.

The main advantage the PS Eye may have is buttons, which can add control and depth to the gameplay.

Anyway, can we stop pretending that we care about either camera here as if they were important enough to redeem their respective consoles? Thanks.
But if it helps some of you sleep better at night, yes Kinect has superior tech.

BlueBlood172812d ago


I never said that! But it is true that they offer pretty much all of the same things, but that it really comes down to the programs running the camera - which I stated I believe Microsoft have a definite hefty advantage in simply because they re more invested in the kinect tech.

@Disagrees, uh what is there to disagree with? I was only stating facts...

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BABYLEG2818d ago

I think its a fair comparison.. Thing is, MS actually invested in something instead of tacking it on

Legion212818d ago

If you haven't heard, so is kinect.

FrigidDARKNESS2819d ago

Both Cameras have differnt functions for their system. Xbox gamers and buyers are getting a great deal on Kinect 2.0 with all the techhnology and future upgrades it will provide.

Spoons2818d ago

An employee working on the One has even said that Kinect cost as much as the One to make.

Things no joke, I was amazed at how it can practically track things under your skin!

Gster2819d ago

An eye for an eye and a bluetooth for a bluetooth :P

THC CELL2819d ago

I'm sure Sony has a few great ideas. I find it amazing how well killzone played

Caleb_H2819d ago

That article is horrible. Did anyone else feel like a 6th grader could have written that?

True_Samurai2818d ago

My attention span dropped by 50 points

dcj05242818d ago

Made sense to me. Was entertained. Maybe I'm just dumb.

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