Persona 4 Arena update: "It's an arcade-only update in Japan"

A representative from Atlus confirmed with Polygon that the information in Famitsu details an update planned for the Japanese arcade version of Persona 4 Arena.

"It's an arcade-only update in Japan," the representative told Polygon. "No word on it coming to consoles in NA."

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Donnieboi2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

That representative was likely an American/Western one who wasn't sure about if the update is western-bound (they probably didn't call up the American voice actors yet since they probably didn't flesh-out the story versions of Yukari and junpei yet). I suspect that the arcade update was handled by Arc Systems (since they work on actual fighting mechanics and do the art for Arena) while Atlus is busy writing the plot for the story element. Of course Atlus would bring this update to consoles, considering how popular the fighting game was at tournaments this year.

admiralvic2823d ago

Polygon has had some iffy / incorrect news recently... so I am not holding my breathe. At most this is only true for now and we will probably see it down the road like most / all ARC releases.

BlaqMagiq242823d ago

Probably no current plans, but Atlus and ArcSys got somethin in the works.

Chrono2823d ago

Somebody should leak the arcade files like they did with BlazBlue CS and KoF XIII.