Kneel Before General Zod’s ‘Man of Steel’ Skin In ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’

Gamerant: It looks like fans of Zack Snyder’s vision of the Superman mythos may be in for a treat if files uncovered by a user at TRMK are any indication. The keen-eyed fan spotted references to a Man of Steel General Zod skin buried within the code for Zatanna’s DLC pack. The information suggests that a new skin will have all the old moves and poses of the current Injustice version of Zod, but will rock armor inspired by the film and have a face modeled after actor Michael Shannon.

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-Foxtrot3570d ago

I wish they would do this to Superman (Henry Cavill), Batman (Christian Bale) and even Bane (Tom Hardy)

That would be awesome to see

E2S3570d ago

theres already a Cavill skin. I'm positive that Bane, Bats, and catwoman will get a skin before long.

ironfist923570d ago

Awesome. Now if only there was a Young Justice skin pack to go along with the game too

maniacmayhem3570d ago

If only CN would bring back Young Justice!

tarbis3570d ago

I definitely agree with this.

maniacmayhem3570d ago

Thank goodness for this Zod skin. The default skin for Zod in Injustice is just awful.

tarbis3570d ago

goggles and bald. Really bad.
I hope they make Terrence Stamp's version of Zod too. That would be so damn SUPER!