Kneel Before General Zod’s ‘Man of Steel’ Skin In ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’

Gamerant: It looks like fans of Zack Snyder’s vision of the Superman mythos may be in for a treat if files uncovered by a user at TRMK are any indication. The keen-eyed fan spotted references to a Man of Steel General Zod skin buried within the code for Zatanna’s DLC pack. The information suggests that a new skin will have all the old moves and poses of the current Injustice version of Zod, but will rock armor inspired by the film and have a face modeled after actor Michael Shannon.

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-Foxtrot3953d ago

I wish they would do this to Superman (Henry Cavill), Batman (Christian Bale) and even Bane (Tom Hardy)

That would be awesome to see

E2S3953d ago

theres already a Cavill skin. I'm positive that Bane, Bats, and catwoman will get a skin before long.

ironfist923953d ago

Awesome. Now if only there was a Young Justice skin pack to go along with the game too

maniacmayhem3953d ago

If only CN would bring back Young Justice!

tarbis3953d ago

I definitely agree with this.

maniacmayhem3953d ago

Thank goodness for this Zod skin. The default skin for Zod in Injustice is just awful.

tarbis3953d ago

goggles and bald. Really bad.
I hope they make Terrence Stamp's version of Zod too. That would be so damn SUPER!


Warner Bros. Is Pivoting To Live-Service A Decade Too Late

Warner Bros. announced it's pivoting to live-service games, which could be a disastrous move for its devs

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anast210d ago

They really mean they are pivoting to slot machines on mobile devices.

CrimsonWing69210d ago

I don’t think there ever was a time for GaaS. Its entire resistance is revolved around making a game that generates recurring revenue constantly throughout its lifetime. It’s straight up a corporate scumbag design.

I watched the video seeing if anything changed since the initial Suicide gameplay vid before the delay and it looks the same. So weird watching all the characters just start a gun to their back and bounce super high shooting with no kick-back animation in an empty dead world. The voice acting is cringe and there doesn’t have any sense of atmosphere or immersion like the Arkham games.

And they expect you to pay $70 to $100 for this and then pay more for Battle Passes and items to make grinding less a chore. Yea, no thank you. I hope you learn a hard lesson with this one.


Warner Bros. Eyes More Live Services as Mortal Kombat 1 Sells Nearly 3 Million Copies

Today, during Warning Bros' conference call, chief executive officer David Zaslav talked about Mortal Kombat 1, Hogwarts Legacy, and the company's gaming business.

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gold_drake218d ago

yea, because thats what people want, especially after those games sold millions and are not live service games haha.

so dumb haha.

Abriael218d ago

Genius executives at work. "hey, what we're doing is working great. Let's change it."


"Invasions" is technically free live service game with new content every 45 days. It's the best mode MK has ever had IMO. As a single player gamer, it gives me a reason to stick around after the story mode.

garos82217d ago

You have a terrible taste in games

-Foxtrot217d ago

I feel like their whole approach relies on how the Suicide Squad sells

Flewid638217d ago (Edited 217d ago )

Wait....why does live service = bad?

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CrimsonWing69218d ago

Oh great, looking forward to the sh*t future of gaming. Thanks industry!

PunksOnN4G218d ago

New mk sold less then the last in the same time frame the NEW MK is legit a live service game with its horrible monopoly board. I just wanted a normal title...

FatalityX77218d ago

It's not on older hardware, so that's why it seems less. No ps4/xbox one versions.

Sgt_Slaughter218d ago

I doubt older hardware would make a difference, given the ratios of sales of other multi-gen games

PunksOnN4G217d ago

Nah the new MK full of live service shit even the singleplayer monopoly board they gave use instead of a normal kyrpt says enough and sales reflect that also this MK is very combo heavy it not noob friendly what's so ever like others

Flewid638217d ago

Wasn't the last one a live service game?

MehmetAlperTR217d ago

More live services.. LOL.. i hope you ll see the deep.