Images of Quake Wars

Activision releases the first three images of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, via Sony America since the screens are from the PS3 version.

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Xlll3846d ago

Looks good to me. I loved quake II played that online for years. To bad we can have The Edge map.

Regret3846d ago

Ugly. It's great MP game tho...

CaliGamer3846d ago

but I fear this game might have come a bit too late. They will be up against some heavy hitters after April 29th. I wish them the best.

Reed-3846d ago

too late. i really wanted this back in november

Skerj3846d ago

God why couldn't this hit like 2-3 months ago? I'd have most certainly bought it then but as it stands, MGO beta will occupy my time for the two weeks it's available. After that I'll crack open GTAIV and finish that, then play Persona 3:Fes until the game of all games this year (until Brutal Legend) MGS4 hits.

Maybe I'll take a look at it in July, but I also might be looking at Haze then and there are a few games I want in August. Hell at least they're spreading them out more this year than the clusterf**k of last year.

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