MouseCraft devs hope unusual business strategy becomes their "feather in the cap"

"Crunching Koalas has invented a unique financial model for their upcoming puzzle game, MouseCraft. For one reason among others, they shared with BeefJack that it's their way of avoiding competition in the free-to-play category. That, and the idea of releasing premium games under such terms isn't a decision they at all agree with."

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raiden-492828d ago

Shouldn't have never put Craft in there name it sound like people who play minecraft would be the only interested it...

porkChop2828d ago

Everyone is using Craft in game titles to piggyback on Minecraft's success.

ChickeyCantor2828d ago

Yeah Minecraft totally got popular after World of Warcraft....


porkChop2828d ago

What does World of Warcraft have to do with anything? We only really started seeing tons of indie games using "Craft" in their titles AFTER Minecraft became a huge success. WoW is completely irrelevant here.

Mikefizzled2828d ago

You know because Starcraft came out in 1998 and Warcraft came out in 1994...

porkChop2828d ago


Again, that has literally nothing to do with this. Did you even bother reading my last comment?

We only started seeing this rise in "Craft" games AFTER Minecraft exploded.

Whether Starcraft and Warcraft have Craft in their name or not is completely irrelevant as it has literally nothing to do with the indie games I'm talking about. Many of them are even cloning Minecraft's gameplay in various ways.

The exact same thing happened with Angry Birds. We've gotten Angry Chicken, Angry Piggy, Angry World War 2, Angry Monkey, Angry Frogs, and countless more. Some just piggyback off the name, others copy the gameplay itself. This way when you search the net for Angry Birds news the developers know their games will show up as well, gaining them more purchases. It's a marketing tactic.

I didn't think the concept was at all hard to understand, but I guess I was wrong.

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