5 Video Games That Helped Shape Current Gaming

Tiarra of writes "If not for this leap in technology, and the innovation of game developers in the first decade of the 2000s, I don’t think we would have the kinds of games we have today. It’s important to appreciate that our gaming past still continues to mold our gaming future; and, so, here are 5 video games that I feel helped to break the mold of gaming as we knew it and helped to shape the world of gaming as we know it today."

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Rimeskeem2824d ago

I feel like Uncharted made really solid ground for Third person shooters on consoles

dcj05242824d ago

Battlefield 1942? First game to have actual good vehicle gameplay and was one of the first "modern" non deathmatch arena shooter multiplayer games.

Arcee2824d ago

I actually completely agree with you here.