The Kinect Conspiracy

Imagine having a camera in millions of households across the globe, it's a highly powerful tool that Microsoft will have especially when Xbox One finally launches. Our consumer culture sees plenty trojan agendas accompanying the products we purchase, Microsoft's sudden change to having Xbox One Kinect no longer mandatory to the consoles operation begs a few questions along with rumours about the NSA potentially being involved along with some other potential issues.

Before proceeding to this article please understand this was not created to deter individuals from the Xbox One product, Microsoft is the key feature yet it is detailed within that other may also equally pose threats to our privacy also. The following feature is not designed to "troll" it's intentions is to make the public aware of a possibility we need to stand against.

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GiantEnemyCrab2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

MS said you can turn it off and it is not required to use your Xbox One if you don't want the Kinect features.

My cell phone, laptop and PS3 all have cameras that are looking at me all day.

For example: On the TOS for the Facebook app on cell phones you agree that FB can turn your phone camera on and take both pictures and video as well as turn on the mic and record any background sounds for a certain amount of time.

I agree we as consumers need to be aware and push back on any invasion of privacy. I think we are being over harsh on Kinect acting like it's the first device with a camera and a mic that can be abused.

golding892832d ago

It's actually very unfortunate. People have made it a trend to complain about kinect.. even though they know the complains are all bs. this is life

EsotericAnomaly2832d ago

Kinect is an amazing piece of hardware, my only fear is that other influences in Microsoft or external may use it wrongly in the future.

slimeybrainboy2832d ago

People's straight up problem with Kinect is that you don't have a choice if you want an XB1. It's not an invalid or unfair complaint.

If you're not interested in voice commands, motion control, better with Kinect. If you just want to press buttons and play games on an XB1 you still have to buy a Kinect.

It's like if you went to a restaurant, ordered a Steak but you had to pay for a glass of wine too. If you only want the steak, but you have to get the wine otherwise the wine will lose support from the wine making community and the wine will become worse in quality. It's a little annoying because you didn't want the wine in the first place, and now you have to support it if you want to play Halo on your steak.

darthv722832d ago

i for one am actually quite giddy (can't believe i'm using that term but...) about the new kinect after watching this vid:

I know that is a tech demo but the possibilities are intriguing. All these little touches add to the overall experience and when you have it turned off you are limiting that experience.

I have and i use the original kinect but this kinect 2.0 just looks sooooo much better.

matgrowcott2832d ago


Your analogy only works if nobody would buy or make wine if it wasn't forced with the steak.

Developers can and will prove Kinect works, but only if everybody has one. There's no point in making promises if the only people who will see the fruit of that labour are soccer moms and kids.

Forcing Kinect will make it a successful device worthy of ownership. Taking that away will kill the whole idea and any potential innovation that will come with it.

n4rc2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

You can make that argument from both sides slimey..

Can we complain and expect apple for example to release an iPhone without Siri and camera because we dont want such features?

Products are never exactly how we want.. If the good doesn't outweigh the bad, then its not the product for you..

Its not evil or anti consumer etc..


bs or not...problem has been alleviated!(Dr.Evil laff)

blackmanone2832d ago

Anyone that doesn't get the potential for abuse isn't thinking about it hard enough. I get people that don't care cause the potential is slim to none, but to say it doesn't exist just means you aren't thinking critically... which unfortunately seems to be more than a few people.

pompombrum2832d ago

With kinect always having to be connected to the X1, it left so much room for abuse. People were complaining about this before the NSA leaks. The leaks just gave those people more credit to their concerns. In a lot of ways, Snowden's timing really sucked for Microsoft and the X1 however going back on it always being connected to the console was a good move imho for those who are concerned about privacy.

JokesOnYou2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

"If you just want to press buttons and play games on an XB1 you still have to buy a Kinect." 

The reason I can't take people like slimey seriously is because I never heard them on their soap box about wii u's tablet controller. Hell why stop there how about ps4's new touchpad, or why did sony force bluray on us last gen when 99% of the games, even the biggest like Skyrim with over 200+ hrs of GAMEPLAY are on 1 disc? Why am I forced to pay for those things when they could have sold me a console that just plays Marioland, TLOU, and soon KZ SF on the cheapest console possible?

Damm I'm pissed, how dare sony FORCE me to buy a bluray capable ps3! Screw you nintendo I'm not falling for your tablet gaming conspiracy, sell me a cheap traditional button controller or no buy from me!

pompombrum2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )


What happens then when over half of the people who buy an Xbox One sell their kinect or don't have it connected to the console?

Pulling figures from thin air here but I think a large percentage of Xbox One's initial users will be COD fans (next gen exclusive for however long and all) and I really don't see the average fan caring about kinect.

Now I might be completely wrong but hypothetically speaking, if this is the case and over half the X1 userbase doesn't even have kinect connected, how long will developers keep adding kinect features if they aren't even being used? Saying "well everyone has one" is all well and good but I just can't see developers adding kinect features if they don't think they are going to be used.

Enemy2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

All BS? Even Snowden leaked that Microsoft have been giving the NSA tons of information.

Kinect being included with all Xbox Ones is the next step. The more they include it, the more likely they are to get your info + activity + photos + household information, as millions of people will be compelled to use it out of the box.

JokesOnYou2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

@aiBreeze, lol so Kinect is unwanted by half the users who still decided to purchase a $500 console so that they can sell it to WHO EXACTLY? You mean the other half of the install base who already has one? OR the same half trying to sell theirs? OR the pc gamers who cant connect Kinect v2 to their pc's

Furthermore your COD reference is way over generalized, it will have the highest sales but a significant portion of early adopters wil be playing other games too or no COD at all. Even still how do you make the leap from not needing it for COD so I must sell do know it has heavy UI use AND gaming options in both COD, other launch games and of course logic suggests future games thats WHY its in the box.

lol, Id say you're doing more than pulling some really desperate figures from thin air, actually your logic is just not making any sense.

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Minute Man 7212832d ago

It's because Micro has been caught giving people's info to uncle Sam, that's the problem. Not to mention their always online policy at first

No_Limit2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Agreed GiantEnemyCrab ,

All these articles are submitted by Sony loyalists to try to attack the XB1's former weak point for massive damage (no pun intended), nothing more to it really. It is doing its job on N4G and other similar pro Sony sites I would say, judging from all the trollish responses and traffic. How can it spy on anyone now if no internet is needed and it doesn't have to be be connected to work? Did these people that are writing these articles live in a cave for the past few weeks?

blackmanone2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Sigh, not everyone who doesn't like the xbox is a Sony loyalist, or "fanboy." To think so only shows the world that you can only see half the picture.

pompombrum2832d ago

LMFAO talking of conspiracy theories, you xbox fans and your "It's all Sony loyalists" crap is far worse than anyone who was voicing their privacy concerns with how the X1 was before the 180s.

robotgargoyle2832d ago

Awesome username and picture! Do you have a glowing weak spot on your back?

Oh, and I agree.

robotgargoyle2832d ago

Awesome username and pic! Do you have a glowing weak spot on your back?

Oh, and I agree with you.

thetruthx12832d ago


Doesn't have to be connected to the internet


Doesn't have to be plugged into the socket


No conspiracy

adventureghost1242831d ago

I think it's more that a lot people know the relations Microsoft has with the NSA. people know that they work together and that Microsoft has a track record of lying to their consumers. Everyone was especially scared when it was required to be with the system knowing that info

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EsotericAnomaly2832d ago

Your right, in the article it's specified. The only reason Microsoft has got the main focus is because of the shift in direction and it's current place on the market. It's said one thing then done another for what I believe to be a choice to match the competition to ensure sales go smoothly against the competition.

As you said there's so many different devices that share the same warnings. However Microsoft attempted to make it compulsory and it coincides with stories in circulation. Ultimately people need to be made aware, if it seems unfair that Microsoft is featured too prominently in this regard I'll happily take the criticism on the chin.

All in all we must preserve our right to privacy.

slimeybrainboy2832d ago

I thought the reason MS were held up to more conspiracy was based on their cooperation with the NSA, not necessarily because of their policies.

I'm pretty sure that the whistle blower guy confirmed that Microsoft had cooperated in handing over private information to the US governement. And the whistlebower said that his problem was that the NSA had taken and stored much more information than they were using in cohesion with the purpose of the NSA. Wasn't it these things combined that made people distrust the Kinect and MS?

I'm not really politcal forgive me if i'm wrong about anything, but this is the general story I've picked up on in the media.

EsotericAnomaly2832d ago

Too be absolutely honest with you I kept a fair hand when researching these rumours and much like yourself I opted to steer clear away from the politics. What I meant to say was that for Microsoft to be so set in there ways in making Kinect mandatory at one stage implied an additional motive, now that's personal opinion.

One may add that NSA data issue along side Microsoft's initial strong policy for Kinect. I don't know about you but it seemed highly impractical for Kinect to be so crucial to Xbox One working. A huge was deal was being made out of an aspect that no one was really expecting.

"What's the big deal about Kinect being hooked up?" - I thought.

Politics sucks, and anyone looking forward to Xbox One I do not wish to put off the product, not like I expect that will be the case. Personally I see this as a historic time where the video game industry motions forward in becoming a infiltrator to homes all over the World whether it be now or beyond from the next generation.

Minute Man 7212832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

@ slimeybrainboy

It's true

rainslacker2832d ago

Bit off topic and won't deny the potential for Kinect to be a spy device, but why not address the real reason that MS put the Kinect with the console. The one almost no one ever mentions or even seems to care about. Even when i bring it up, no one ever comments.

That reason was to data mine it's users to target advertising to them. Said clear as day in their reveal. Not hidden behind corporate PR spin. MS has plans to directly target advertising to it's users.

That kind of money is huge. More then Xbox Live fees, more than software sales, more than profits off the system and accessories.

Think of it this way. MS was charging roughly 1 million dollars for a single semi-targeted ad on the Xbox 360 dashboard. One that all 360 user claims was non-obtrusive, and often not even targeted very well.

Now imagine how much money they will make when targeting ads by the data it collects on the user. Imagine how much they will make by being able to, in real time, gauge the effectiveness of those ads and see if it's worth continuing to advertise that product to a person. Then think of how much money they can make by selling all that data mined market research to other marketing firms. That business is huge.

I guess no one really cares about their privacy being invaded to be advertised to them. No biggie there. Ads are just annoying right?

I'm afraid, my friends, that MS was trying to sell a marketing tool for their advertising partners. The fact it plays games is just a nice bonus for the end user.

sAVAge_bEaST2831d ago


Exactly, it was suppose to be the Marketing, super tool. and was secretly promoted that way.

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Tyre2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

@EsotericAnomalyThx for making this article, people should stay on their toes and the world needs to re-evaluate the current surveillance practices otherwise it could literally make the world and our last bastion of privacy into a prison, well thought out and most likely in accordance with the current reality, sadly. People should realise that we are at the mercy of a minority of people with powers at their fingertips unlike anything ever bestowed upon humanity in the the history of our civilisations. It is time for the people of the world to regain controlling the authorities and re-institute our hard earned freedoms. We should re-educate people in showing them how these laws came to be, why we have such rights as privacy. Terrorism is not a valid argument for surveillance: It is only for the protection of state property not the people and more people die of the flu every year than they will ever die of terrorism. A musquito carrying the West-Nile Virus is a weapon of Mass Destruction for crying out loud. Wake up people these surveillance practices are totally baseless and only serve a couple of wussy paranoid psychopaths in our governments. There were more hijackings and terror attacks by the RAF & PLO in the seventies, but peoples weren't as pussy as we are now. They weren't as stupid to sacrifice our freedoms for false safety back then.

Software_Lover2832d ago

The sad part is, I'm sure most of you have Android phones and dont complain about them, but the FBI/NSA can turn on the camera and listen in anytime they want.

ANYTIME THEY WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There were articles on it on Techspy. I was amazed.
But yet, here on N4g, It's only Sony vs Microsoft.

Heisenburger2832d ago

That's because we discuss video games here.

GreenRanger2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

Now that Microsoft have been caught spying on people on Skype, and are part of PRISM, can you really blame people for thinking that they can be watched through Kinect?

XboxFun2832d ago

Yea MS caught me sending poetry to some secretary during lunch.

My face was so red when MS contacted me about how lame my poetry skills where. Damn you to hell MS and PRISM, Illuminati, World Bank and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants!

if there was ever a time we needed the Green Ranger it's now!

GreenRanger2832d ago

Yeah, it's OK that Microsoft spied on you. You're only sending poetry, after all. /s

pompombrum2832d ago

Sending poetry, so that's what you call it?

n4rc2832d ago

Of course you CAN be watched.. But that goes for anything..

Feds can tap your cell cam and mic.. Or your laptop.. Or just spy in you from space..

Warrants are what keeps it in check.. They need at least probable cause to do anything.. And that's all in accordance with the laws of your country..

If privacy is a big concern.. Then being online is probably a bad idea in general.. Privacy rights are given to you by your government.. Unfortunately they can be taken away just as easily

clrlite2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

I don't trust the device myself but you made a few good points there.

It's not a conspiracy, data mining and spying does happen but it's kind of silly to be overly paranoid about it in this day and age.

Also, IMO it's wrong to make using the device mandatory, and simply having it as bundled option would be more sensible, if they haven't changed this yet.

drsfinest722832d ago

Wow this is dumb. Now that Google ms and apple are all part of this dumb nsa bullshit that mean that cellphones are more of a threat than Kinect considering that you could disconnect the kinect.

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