Apparently the 80010514 error doesn't mean anything to Sony, either

According to Eurogamer, Sony has denied knowing anything about the now mysterious error code that some PS3 owners have reported seeing, following the failure of their Blu-ray drives. Not to be confused with that other set of fictional unlucky numbers, this one is purported to have real life consequences.

However, if Gamerevolver is to be believed, the error and the drive failure are somehow coincidental in nature, and not related:

"Since this error occurred, we obviously contacted Sony Support. We were informed that the code is not common, and a simple reset of the system, and restoral of factory settings should do the trick. Unfortunately, after the restoral, the error still occurred. So, we dug a bit further, and this is what we found.

The error code is actually one of two things, a) a faulty sector on the internal hard drive, or b) a faulty installation of software/firmware, both iterations actually coincide with each other. If the hard drive suffers a faulty sector (a section of damaged space on the drive that data may have been written to that no longer is readable), an installation may still be processed, and even work, but the error can cause some serious side effects, such as option b. If your PS3 has installed an item incorrectly, including firmware, it is in high risk of receiving this error."

So the plot thickens. Now even more questions come to mind. Are we now dealing with two separate, yet minute (in terms of total failures reported) problems that we can expect to see a minority of PS3 owners to experience, or are these truly cause and effect? An even greater question has to be thrown out there: Since the failure rate of the PS3 seems to be well within reasonable standards for a piece of electronic equipment, why does it look as if Sony is being mum on the subject?

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power of Green 3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Two small issues or not(compared to RROD)its probably bigger than what they would have you believe, give more PS3's time to have the error.

Violater3847d ago

thanks for the laugh.

Jamaicangmr3846d ago

HA! HA! HA! This is too easy why even bother. lol!

TheREALHarryEtTubMan3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

The ultimate douche of all douche's.

Oom3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

@ power of crap

Go screw yourself.

rucky3846d ago

That's so ridiculously funny even if I am a PSFanboy

Phil Harrison Mklll3846d ago

Red Ring Of Death
Red Ring Of Death
Red Ring Of Death
Red Ring Of Death
Red Ring Of Death
Red Ring Of Death

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toughNAME3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Is it mere coincedence that when you dial 8-001-0514 on your touch tone phone that Bill picks up?

Captain bot and his buried treasue kronies like to play dirty.

sonarus3846d ago

Until proven other wise, i still say failure rate is 1%. 1% of 12million is? 120,000 which to me would seem a correct estimate for this "wide spread" issue

At first i was surprised so much of the media is attacking this topic. The 40% failure claim they made last time was already proved wrong, i guess it is up to sony to prove this wrong again.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43846d ago

This is like the Yellow light of death people made up a few months ago!;-D Bill will try anything i think;-D

+I've Lost count how many Error Codes flash up when using MicroSofts Windows!;-D

wageslave3846d ago


You dont know if the number is 1%, 10% or 100% -- we trust your "guesses" like I trust an alcoholic to pick me up a case of beer.

Fishy Fingers3847d ago (Edited 3847d ago )

Look's like a blog, but that can't be right? Blogs are against the rules are they not?

Eitherway, who cares about this guys PS3 or that guys 360. If it happens to YOUR console then it becomes a concern. It's harsh but frankly, I don't give a sh!t about some unlucky dude who's console went up in smoke.

My 8800GTX melted. I can right a blog and you can post that if you want? Oh sorry, its not made by Sony/MS is it....

EZCheez3847d ago

It's probably that it's obvious how often they hear about it. Hardly ever. Therefore, they might not have any idea what it is.

Also, I hate to be the pessimist, but isn't also possible that some human error could be involved here? Considering there are specifics instructions NOT to do certain things while installing firmware, I think it's entirely possible that somebody could have just messed up.

Besides, there's a reason warnings are around. For example:

DANGER-Coffee is hot!
WARNING-Do not consume!
CAUTION-Do not turn off your PS3 during installation of firmware!

They are there because someone was too stupid to have the common sense to realize that to begin with.

Jinxstar3846d ago

I agree man. It seems like people are making a huge deal of something that effects such a small number. No hardware is perfect and proper care and maintenance.... too easy. BTW Cheez Ima fly a helocopter into you back come the 29th =P

EZCheez3846d ago

I'll have shot you out of the sky long before you get close to me.

We need to get some N4G games going so we can take some of our aggressions out with some GTA4.

PSN-EZCheez Add me if you're comfortable with getting hit in the face with a rocket launcher.

Jinxstar3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

hehehe I already got JCgamer in with us and maybe a few more. I got him an MGO beta as well. So we can all rock out with our... Guns out =D

I also got me 6 days off work for the madness to begin bro.

wageslave3846d ago

If the customer support isnt being hush-hush about it, why did they kill the forum discussion on the topic?

EZCheez3846d ago

Customer support doesn't control the forums. Moderators do.

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Surfman3846d ago

that rumor has been started from 360 owners, who are jealous of the fiability of the PS3.

toughNAME3846d ago

this guy knows where its at!

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