Sony is "Genuine" About Supporting Indies

As indie development becomes a bigger and bigger issue in the console race, Sony is stepping up its support for independent game companies. Several indie developers featured on stage at E3 talk about how Sony is changing the face of the independent games industry.

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ThatKanadianKid2832d ago

Very interesting read. It's surprising to hear that developers are having an easier time getting on consoles now with their indie games then it was getting on Steam. Industry is really changing. Hopefully consoles start to allow some modding as well.

iamnsuperman2832d ago

That would be good but never going to happen. Mods would completely destroy "quick and easy" DLC and more thought would be needed (like expansion packs) which a lot of publishers will dislike

XtraTrstrL2832d ago

Some of the free-to-play games are already gonna have some mod-tools. Warframe recently added the Dojo, where u build your clan housing with the creation tools. It's their first step in giving advanced mod-tools to the Warframe community. By the time the game releases on PS4 they may already have the full level creation tools for players ready.

Planetside 2 is gonna allow people to create items and if SOE decides they want to sell it, you get 40% of the profits off the item. So, they have some modding too, even though it'd be nice to be able to give it freely in PS2 also, but whatever.

Other games have had hints at possible modding to some extent. Like Infamous: Second Son might have the level editing tools of Infamous 2, but just way more indepth.

FlameHawk2832d ago

Sony is 'Genuine' about supporting indies while Microsoft only changed its policies because of how many exclusive indie games the PS4 was getting.

cerberuz2830d ago

Sony aren't genuine full stop.. They are sly and very underhand....