VGHS Gets a Retro Video Game Styled After 8 & 16-bit Classics

During the latest episode of VGHS S2, “The Law,” who is the show’s main antagonist, becomes engrossed in an 8-bit retelling of VGHS S1, which recounts the entire arc of the first season, as well as “The Law’s” own shortcomings during it. Matt Arnold, one of the co-creators of VGHS, felt that they built up so many art assets for the game to use in the episode that he felt it would make sense to move forward with a full on playable version of the game based on season 1 events.

Make sure to check out a few screenshots for VGHS the game to get a better feel for its sense of style.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA2824d ago

VGHS really is a solid show for gamers. Awesome they made this game based on it.

penpen42824d ago

My friends made me watch it on Netflix and I wanted to tear my eyes out. I didn't find it enjoyable in any way and felt like it only furthered stereotypes. All comedic aspects were simply references to old memes and I really despised all the characters. It was just... painful.