How to get Grand Theft Auto V at Launch for £23.68

Daily Joypad's Jamie writes:

The release of Grand Theft Auto V is looming, but with the next generation of consoles just around the corner, I’m sure a lot of you will be looking to save a bit of cash. Well after a little bit of digging we’ve found a way of getting Rockstar’s latest free-roamer for just £23.68. And you’ll even get a few other games to play for a month!

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Fantaman2821d ago

Good find! Always on the hunt for a bargain and this way I get two extra games into the mix! thanks for sharing :)

Motoko_K2821d ago

Awesome find, thanks so much!

abc12332821d ago

you can easily get it for cheaper than that, I've seen many games on that list go for £5, like f1 3DS, your shape fitness wii u, dead or alive 5, etc. Might as well order now and wait until one of the cheap games pop up

grassyknoll2821d ago

Gamestop can change the games for the offer at any time, I imagine the list of games well be significantly shorter by release unfortunately.

SharpShooter882821d ago

"This list will remain valid until this offer has ended." - Don't worry, covered on that one :)

JackVagina2821d ago

if anyone lives in Australia you can get it for 58$ from EzyDVD witch is insane because the price at eb games is 109$

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