Cheating in SWTOR and other MMO’s, Why do People do It?

RayGun21 - "Today I was sitting minding my business when this YouTube video gets tweet spammed on #SWTOR column in TweetDeck. The offending video was a Speed and Credit Hack for Star Wars: The Old Republic."

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Ketzicorn2827d ago

Because people have no morals as long as that leaderboard or their character has the best stuff or whatever they don't care they had to cheat to get it.

cunnilumpkin2827d ago

no, that's the reason its not covered in jaggies and sub hd textures, and running at 20-28 frames per second in ugly ass 720p or less and screen tearing all over the place

because its a pc game

unlike every console game ever made, pc games actually look good and run good

fsfsxii2827d ago

Here we go again with your delusion.

sorane2827d ago

Seems pretty spot on to me. The ts on the otherhand........

Hicken2827d ago

The same reason anybody cheats: they're losers.

ZodTheRipper2827d ago

Except for cheating in games like GTA, that's acceptable :D

cyguration2827d ago

So what does that say about the people who buy DLC cheats for games?

titans99992827d ago

And this is why on line only games suck balls!!! LONG LIVE SINGLE PLAYER GAMES!!!

dcj05242827d ago


titans99992826d ago

Right dc, as long as game makers make a decent single payer mode, and as long as the elder scrolls keep making single player as well!!!

Embolado2827d ago

Same reason people use cheats in other games. For the lolz