Arkane Studios is Rebooting Prey 2

According to series of leaked emails discovered by online publication, Kotaku, rumors previously linking Arkane Studios to Prey 2 development are true.

This news comes in the wake of a series of vague denials made by Arkane’s parent company Bethesda regarding the project.

Kotaku initially began receiving tips regarding Arkane’s work on the title in May of this year. However, a recent series of emails uncovered by the publication have confirmed the developer is not only working on Prey 2, but is entirely rebooting the project as a “spiritual successor to System Shock 3.”

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evilkillerk2824d ago

The human Head prey 2 looked badass. I have yet to play dishonored, So I am curious what Prey 2 will be like under them

die_fiend2824d ago

I'm not sure why they're so keen to keep this franchise. It didn't do particularly well, and it was just a slightly brighter version of Doom.

Arkane should be making Dishonored 2, given the first game was actually fresh

Summons752824d ago

Ugh, I'd rather it be canceled then given to them :/ Dishonered was buggy as hell and it was just a big bioshock ripoff. Worst game of 2012 easily. Shame too because it had a lot of promise.

Foxgod2824d ago

Since this game looks so different, maybe it would be better to just give it a different name, and make it a franchise of its own, that crosses over with Prey in some way.
I still look forward to this game, i love immersive universes filles with alien species.

ironfist922824d ago

Interesting that theyre going this way. So i guess there's not going to be anymore Prey 2...despite the seemingly expensive CGI and Live Action trailers they produced for it.