Mario Baseball confirmed; first scan

It seems like Mario Baseball has been confirmed as can be seen in the scanned image from a Nintendo magazine. It looks like it will just be a baseball game with all your favorite Nintendo characters as players. The game will go on sale on June 19 according to the scanned magazine.

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Durffen3844d ago

It has actually been confirmed since October, at the Nintendo Media Summit. But the new scan is nice.

Condoleezza Rice3844d ago

to Disaster and Project Hammer?

PR0F3TA3844d ago

Stop the presses! a new Mario game out. This was totally unexpected


Amanosenpai3844d ago

Yea.. Mario games are really rare... ¬_¬

Montrealien3844d ago

Even more rare the a mario game that does not sell well. Why do Nintendo keep on giving the Nintendo fans the games they want? why oh why?

*eye roll*

permutated3844d ago

Oh man I can't wait for this!!!

I've been hoping for a Wii alternative to the Wii Sports Baseball.

Montrealien3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

Here are a few for you bud, even though this one should be great if they work on the RPG alements the first one had.

-MLB 2K8
-MLB the Bigs
-MLB Power Pros (very good)

ItsDubC3844d ago

Ya I've heard great things about MLB Power Pros

Rayko3844d ago

Mario is the best game character out there. Tomorrow I will be playing mario kart all night :).

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The story is too old to be commented.