Gi - Cloudberry Kingdom Review

Gi - Near the end of World 8-1 in the original Super Mario Bros. there is an insanely difficult jump. To be fair, those final stages are full of challenges; but that one jump moments before reaching the flagpole hits especially hard. The only way to cross the large pit of death is to make a running jump onto a platform barely wide enough for Mario and jump again without pause. Hesitate on that tiny platform and Mario wouldn’t have enough speed to cross the second jump; time something wrong and he would die. It made every challenge in previous worlds seem like a breeze. Now imagine trying to make that jump with Bullet Bills flying at Mario while Lakitu tries to drop Spinies on his head – oh, and a throw in a firebar rotating around the tiny platform for good measure. That is what it’s like playing Cloudberry Kingdom. And yes, it’s insane.

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