411mania - Dead Ahead Review

411mania - Every now and then, when cruising the app store, pawing my way through game after game, I like to take survey of just how great ‘gamers’ really have it. At literally any moment of any day, I can hop on my iOS device and for a little less than the price of a Starbucks coffee, find a gaming experience tailored to whatever whim I want to indulge. Strategy, RPG, CCG, Platformer, Shooter, MMO, Flight Sim, Puzzle - not to mention all the subgenres and hybrids. Simply put, if you ask me, we are in the golden age of gaming accessibility. However, ease of accessibility breeds entitlement, and with nearly limitless options, it’s a mite difficult for given one to stand out. So it’s with much delight, and a dopey smile on my face, that I’ve chosen to describe Dead Ahead, the new side-scrolling vehicular zombie homicide simulator, with one word (and a punctuation mark): Wow.

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