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Ghosts' multiplayer mode will focus heavily on allowing players to customize their digital characters through the Create-A-Soldier feature. Not only will player choose weapon loadouts, perks and "killstreaks" as with previous titles, but they can alter their character's physical appearance, even choosing between a male or female soldier.

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threefootwang1894d ago

TV, TV, TV, NFL, TV, NFL---Oh wait this isn't about the console.

TV, TV, TV, NFL, COD, NFL, COD, TV --- There we go!

buynit1894d ago

I like those 3 things.... Whats the problem?

1894d ago
TwistedMetal1894d ago

here is whats new. it has a dog. otherwise same crap every year for 60 and then 30 for dlc. im getting gta5 instead way better game

XB1_PS41894d ago

I already have GTA5 preordered, paid for the 2 day shipping so it gets here on the day it releases too. :) I'm too excited for that game.

jdktech20101894d ago

well at least we know people didn't forget how to complain....though I'm puzzed as to how they still haven't figured out how to avoid articles for games they don't like. It's a mystery.

Anyway, depending how KZ:SF multiplayer looks, this might get picked up. I need another shooter to go with BF4

cyclindk1894d ago

Looks like a slightly more refined and polished COD, knee sliding isn't exactly new to games and addition of the customization options (which should be in almost every game this gen without excuse, all the hardware is there) is commendable.

Nothing revolutionary by any means.

And I REALLY hope none of the footage shown was for any upcoming console, or god forbid the PC version. Horrible textures still, crazy.