Chromehounds Single-Player Preview: Great Big Robots

Yearning for some rompin'-stompin' mech action on your Xbox 360? Sega and From Software may have the answer. Gamespot take a test run through Chromehounds' story mode in this exclusive preview.

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Majunior5829d ago

I cant wait any longer!!! I wanna play this game so bad!!!Ill catch u guys on the battlefield! DA360

Gamer135829d ago

once most reviews of this game is good ill get this game for sure.

With some game you don,t need reviews for example Gears Of War i already pre order it because i now it will be a solid game.

FamoAmo5829d ago

When is this game due out?

Gamer135829d ago (Edited 5829d ago )

Here is a link to most of the 360 games release dates, some dates might change.

RelloC5829d ago

Such a great concept, please dont fudge it up.

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The story is too old to be commented.