Q&A: Fuzzyeyes Talks UE3 Steampunk Title Edge Of Twilight

Previously the developer of games including PC-based tongue-in-cheek fast food management sim Hot Dog King, Australian-headquartered developer Fuzzyeyes is now developing a new (and self-funded) cross-platform steampunk title with Edge of Twilight for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Fuzzyeyes' Wei-Yao Lu has confirmed with Gamasutra that Edge of Twilight, a self-funded $7.5 million project that's believed to be due out in 2009, will increase significantly to as much as $10 million after the decision to add a PlayStation 3 SKU of the title.

In this in-depth interview, Gamasutra talks to CEO Lu about the decision, project funding, and working with its publisher Southpeak Interactive.

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