Octodad Dev: PS4 Move "Extremely Nice to Work With"

According to Kevin Geisler, Young Horses producer/programmer and lead on the Octodad PS4 port, the PS4 Move is very precise, at least more so than the original Kinect. The studio can't confirm if Octodad will support Move, but the team is considering the possibility.

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GamerGuy1532290d ago

I really hope that developers support the Move and Camera this time around. Sony doesn't need to include the camera and move in every box if they offer compelling software to warrant its purchase. If games like assassin's creed and COD offered unique and fun move gameplay they would sell units and get the item into some homes. Then once the instal base is big enough they can make some move exclusive games like sorcery and the like. Im really excited about what Media Molecule has been up to with the move and camera. Gamescom awaits!

thrust2290d ago

People will have to buy the camera for that to happen remember no one wants the camera!

Rimeskeem2290d ago

I know this will get dis agrees but guys its 60$ and it will come really in handy in games and be fun for the whole family and that's why I'm buying it

golding892290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

PS move and camera will be same way like it is now this next gen. Not alot of support. No one will buy it so why waste type on it to develop?

JBSleek2290d ago

"Sony doesn't need to include the camera and move in every box if they offer compelling software to warrant its purchase."

Yes they do if they really wanted to support it. I'm not saying they should but I wouldn't give hope for Move because of that.

Christopher2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

I'm kind of the opposite. I've yet to play a game where I felt that Move was an improvement over the dualshock or similar controllers.

The closest was MAG, but even then there were issues because I'd have to adjust settings based on my loadouts (sniper, lmg/assault, etc.).

dcj05242290d ago

Killzone 3+PSMOVE+Sharpshooter=SUPREME ACCURACY!

NatureOfLogic2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

"PS4 Move Extremely Nice to Work With"

Well that's good to hear. I can't wait to try it out with my day one PS4 purchase. I'm really hyped and excited for the new camera and the new possibilities with the move. October can't come soon enough.

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theWB272290d ago

Nooooooo!!!! Motion control is so stupid why waste your time on it!!!! Keep motion control as far away from gaming as possible!!!! /s

It's about time developers really start to find alternative ways to game. I prefer the controller, but if they implement something worthwhile then I'm all for it.

No_Limit2290d ago

Move has potential but unfortunately since the camera is not package with the PS4, 3rd party developers will most likely ignore its implementation.

XboxFun2290d ago

I don't think the Move or the PSEye will be supported for PS4 just like the it wasn't for the PS3. Most of the games that had support was tacked on or an after thought.

Sony should have a super bundle pack, a PS4, Eye and the Move all together. Or maybe a super duper bundle with PS4, Move, Eye and the, I never realized how much peripherals was for the PS4/PS3.

It's almost like the Sega Master System.(just not as ugly)

strickers2290d ago

Although people are right that it was under supported or tacked on. It's still the best motion tech by far. It actually works. Try throwing a Frisby and playing it on Move. Same technique works. So accurate.
My problem is not does motion tech work ( Move does) but is it compelling. Most normal Wii games would have better on.Gamecube, I prefer PS games with a pad( bar Sports Champions and Tumble) and Kinect 1 played exactly like Eye toy 1. The tech may have been more advanced( though slow) but it was not more compelling.
I don't think this is a tech issue. I think waving interaction is boring once the novelty wears off. Pad is still more enjoyable