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MKGaming - "The slavish attachment to the original NES game is DuckTales Remastered’s undoing. The old school design choices that worked in the 80s just don’t fly anymore. Having to restart the entire stage from the beginning because of bad enemy placement and broken jumping mechanics isn’t challenging, it’s frustrating. On the flip side, the easy mode is far too easy, reducing any sense of achievement to nothing. It’s a damn shame, because it looks and sounds fantastic. Sadly, it’s hard to recommend this title to anyone but a die-hard fan of the original."

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iplay1up22285d ago

Funny, I have read some GREAT reviews of this game. Then I have also seen it rated a 2/10 and as high as 9.2/10. I guess this game is a love or hate game. The "Broken Mechanics" as its put in this article are false though. The mechanics are duplicated to the NES version. allot of people under the age of 30 have never even played an NES, and if you pick one up and play it today allot of the NES/Sega/SNES games ARE frustrating compared to allot of games out today that hold your hand start to finish.

Tiqila2285d ago

The mechanics are top-notch.