AAA Tablet Games Will Get Console Prices

Most of us, if not all of us, have different expectations from tablet games than we do with console games. This is partly due to the hardware and the output of the device, but it is also due to the cost of the games. Casual games can be great, especially when they’re free, but it’s only a matter of time when the iPad can deliver console-quality games and this will inevitably lead to console prices.

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PSNintyGamer2286d ago

That is ridiculous. Who could possibly justify paying $60 for a tablet game?

SignifiedSix912286d ago

Who knows, but the consumers will, sadly.

zeal0us2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

AAA tablet games will not get console prices if they want to sell. Tablet gaming/mobile gaming is mostly mostly casual gamers. These guys(and girls) aren't willing throw $60 away for a game, unless its Candy Crush lives(kidding).

Seeing as the term AAA comes from the size of the budget of the game and not the quality of the game, I doubt you will actually see any real AAA tablet games. Publishers aren't going throw 30-50m on a tablet game. To do so would be insane seeing as high-end tablet games don't sell like AAA console games.

badz1492286d ago

there is no way in heaven that ANY tablet games going $60! the only 2 ways to garner sales and make money off tablets and smartphones are

1. sell them short/limited for cheap and milk the hell out of the buyer using microtransactions

2. give them for free and spam users with ads after ads after ads until they either give up or give in if they like the game!

charging full price? yeah right...good luck with THAT!

leahcim2286d ago

I am lost here

Could someone number a list of AAA games for tablets.??

HammadTheBeast2286d ago

Well Gameloft steals pretty much every successful console game and balatantly makes a AA quality rip-off. There's Modern Combat, an Uncharted clone, NOVA (halo), Max Payne clones, Saints Row clones, and a Red Dead Redemption clone.

zeal0us2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

DeadTrigger, ShadowGun, Infinity Blade, Real Racing, Gameloft games, The Conduit, Some of Square Enix games

A better term would be high-end tablet games imho. Seeing as the budget for these games are less than a fourth of the budget of AAA console games.

nirwanda2286d ago

Shadowgun is a bit like gears but the main difference is it was free for me.
Deadtrigger is also free.
Real racing is free.
So how could a console priced game compete it may turn out like that on the ps4 too if free to play games like warthunder etc take off.

leahcim2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

That´s what I am talking about.

HammadTheBeast2286d ago

The only reason tablet games have even been a slight threat to consoles is the $1-$5 pricing. Casuals won't dish out $40-60 for some game for tablets.

zeal0us2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

I need some candy crush lives so $40-$60 is chump change.

TheBreezyBB2286d ago

AAA games and tablets don't mix.

Thehyph2286d ago

Apparently, mobile games and Vita don't mix, either.

What I mean to say is: Fruit Ninja for $7.99?


Neixus2286d ago

Anyone that ever tries to develop a AAA game for a tablet, will go bankrupt.

ForNgoods2286d ago

While i do agree that it seems ridiculous to pay console prices for tablet games, i'm suprised that the pricing isnt on par with portable console games. I feel the hardware is equal if not better in most cases so the games should be every bit as good if not better than those available on portables.

My only explanation for the difference in price is i believe gaming on tablets (in most cases) are designed for the pick up and go casual gamer who's just looking for a distraction for a couple of minutes while they wait for a train or in a waiting room. So they may lack some of the complexities or depth of a full blow console game. That's not saying they arent capable of such a feat or that such games dont already exist but i believe most of the games found on the mobile market are designed this way.

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