Opinion: Nintendo: Dancing with themselves

Nintendo were all about the games and their quality and imagination...but in an era when even the straightest games feel like they’re incorporating some imaginative elements, it’s sickening to see the Mario series become the new template for sterile iteration syndrome.

Nintendo might be playing by no one’s rules but their own, but that doesn’t mean they can’t challenge themselves.

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Bitsnark1889d ago

A good piece this.

Just because Nintendo are marching to the beat of their own drum, doesn't mean they aren't vulnerable to falling foul of complacency and 'safe' releases.

jcnba281889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

I don't understand it when people complain about how there are too many Mario games. Super Mario Galaxy, Mario Golf, Mario Kart, Mario Party etc. are not the same games. Just because Mario is in the title doesn't mean it's the same game.

Why would Nintendo stop selling Mario games if people still want them and they continue to sell extremely well? That's like asking Apple to stop selling iPhones.

Mario is the most recognised character in the world even more recognised than Mickey Mouse. You can be sure if sony or microsoft had a franchise/mascot as big as Mario they too would be using it frequently to make a profit.

Lowlander21889d ago

I don't really care how many Mario games there are. It's not quantity I'm worried about, and it's not even something I feel is affecting the quality of the series, because it is more or less equivalent to the output in the last two generations, especially on handhelds.

gedden71889d ago

What a great, intelligent and eloquent PIECE OF SH1T I wasted my time reading.. STFU stupid article... You know nothing of what you write..

Just another doom and gloom article here..

mii-gamer1889d ago

it was a bit hard to understand the authors point behind his rant. I agree to a degree - in that the new super mario bros series has stagnated. Nintendo does need to push themselves further with the next installment. But it is hard when the series standard has been great to begin with