Saints Row IV - Weapons Galore | DigitalNoob

You want weapons? Well, Saints Row IV has them, and DigitalNoob is here to show them off to you!

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xHomer1894d ago

Can someone confirm if these are all the weapons/skins, I heard there was over/about 300 in a live interview.

GamingMistress1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

These are the ones that came with my copy of the game. The Merica Weapon wasn't included, so I'm sure there are others from the different collections.

And I'm not sure what interview you're talking about but that is not the info that Volition has released. In their infograph, they said there are 30 different weapons in the game, with about 450 upgrades, and 111 different weapon costumes and skins.