Ps4 vs Xbox One vs Gaming Pc What’s better in the long run ?

Hardwarepal: Have you ever thought how much money you spend if you're a gamer ? We take it a step further with next generation consoles like the Xbox One and Ps4 and test them against having a similar spec Gaming Pc

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_QQ_1944d ago

A PC is definitely better for the long run for one you will be able to play last gen,this gen,and next gen pc games without needing 3 seperate systems,also with the exception of Nintendo's systems,consoles tend to have short lifespans,i wentbthrough 3 PS3s last gen,but a well taken care of pc will outlast a console.PC actually has many many many advantages over consoles.

MidnytRain1943d ago

It's pretty simple really.

PC for the long run.

Console for the short.

jcnba281944d ago

There is no competition pc wins hands down.

SirBradders1943d ago

If you have the initial cost then yes of course, but honestly consoles are so much more convenient and with ps+ and others following suite shortly they too offer great gaming deals.

jessupj1944d ago

I think they both have advantages.

I'm fortunately enough to have a gaming PC and my PS4 is already paid for, so I won't be missing out on too much.

Transporter471943d ago

With those two what will you be missing out? I think you have everything cover lol

gusgusjr1943d ago

Would you get an xbox one controller for your pc or wait to see if you could game with your ps4 pad on pc?

jessupj1943d ago

Never actually tried a controller on my PC. I mainly use it for RTS and online FPS.

wtopez1943d ago

PC. In the short and long run.

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The story is too old to be commented.