Narco Terror Review

GodisaGeek: "Ultimately, how much you like Narco Terror will be down to a few key factors: how sophisticated your taste in games really is, what decade you grew up in, and whether you would rather sit down in front of a Dolph Lundgren movie or a highbrow talkie indie movie fresh off the critics’ hot-list at the Sundance Festival. Because I won’t beat around the bush here – this is basic stuff, and some people will expect and want more. Sometimes there is slowdown, the music goes glitchy in places, and it occasionally saves the game as you are about to die, meaning the checkpoint becomes a cruel version of Groundhog Day. But as a sub-ten quid exercise in providing something that is actually a ton of fun to play locally and that repeatedly puts a smile on your face, this is like being a kid again."

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