Microsoft Must Leave Kinect 2.0 Mandatory To Xbox One Experience "Yesterday Microsoft made the Kinect 2.0 coming with Xbox One not mandatory for use. It may just be the biggest about face yet on their part, and in our humble opinion a mistake"

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FAT MAN GO BOOM2283d ago

No they Don;t have too... it is very possible they announce a Xbox One with out the connect. at a lower price point...

There is nothing that supports them changing their mind on policies again...
they have done it for many many many things....

From headsets to DRM to Connect needing to be plugged in all the time...

MS will look at the pre order numbers again and if there is no bump... Look for a new sku to have just the system and not camera at a lower price point...

It think that they will not do this at some point if they want to is just silly fan boy hopes...

This is great news... the Camera does not have to be plugged in ... so sell a system with out one is the logical step...

And it will increase pre orders and more gamers will be able to get the new xbox...

dcj05242283d ago

They'll do what ever they have to.The reason Microsoft looks foolish is because they are backtracking so much. Sony is adding/improving things while microsoft is backtracking on 70%(made up stats yay) of what they said. Not to say its a bad thing. Its good. Both have the same goal to get you're money but microsoft should've never put that stuff in the first place. The Conspiracy theorist in me tells me they did this to get publicity lol.

SwiftArsonist2283d ago

so MS aint improving the console huh? tell me what improvements sony has made. im waiting...

JokesOnYou2283d ago

FAT MAN, NO, just NO, if they take it out to please you then they limit Kinect support over the lifetime of the console. *See the original Kinect, ps eye, ps move and every other peripheral for proof of this. Now see Nintendo with their new controller standard and even if you don't like the games so far the device itself is a part of their entire strategy and games. So which is better; to let people like you who don't want it, not buy it and spend your money on to play purely in the traditional way on ps4, or pc? or To limit the entire platform going forward because again Kinect will not be fully supported with a fractured base, which means folks who want to see the full potential of Kinect this gen won't and we ALL end up with two similar consoles with just a few different exclusives that's it? I think it makes much more sense to go forward with Kinect.

ma1asiah2283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

@ Fat Man Go Boom

What a pile of rubbish

I have already said this far too many times but here it goes again

People find it laughable that MS have backtracked (done a 180) on so many issues concerning the X1, now some of these maybe deemed valid and justifiable. Yet some possible consumers have stood their ground and continue to say NO I am still not getting an X1!!!!

With all the RnD that has gone into the tech powering Kinect 2.0 (which by the way is a direct response to what didn't work with Kinect 1.0) MS at some point have to start to believe and stand firm with at least some part of that original vision they had for the X1.

They are never going to acheive that by making Kinect 2.0 an optional extra. They will never acheive getting cool Kinect features included in core games if it is deemed nothing but a gimmick.

They would also end up breaking promises to developers who are keen to utilise Kinect 2.0 in their games if all of a sudden these features are only going to be used by a fragmented section of the X1 gaming community that might also impact some developers ability to turn a profit on their games.

MS have already advised and confirmed that it cost as much to make Kinect 2.0 as it did to make the X1, so given that fact then it is amazing that it is actually only going for $100.00 when you think about it.

Many have already stated the obvious which is that it is the KEY difference between it and the PS4.

Now think of this, say they did remove it and released a Kinectless SKU for $100.00 less would you seriously pay the same price as the PS4 for a clone with weaker specs. Answer no you wouldn't plain and simple.

I'm sorry some of you feel this is being forced upon you BUT!!!! as others have stated many times you don't want Kinect 2.0 simple buy the PS4 which gives you everything you want.

Just think about it for a second an X1 without Kinect 2.0 is like going to the movies but ONLY being able to watch the premovie trailers. OR here is another one, its like driving a car without a steering wheel. The machine was built rom the ground up with Kinect 2.0 integration in mind from Snap to Skype. Yes they are now giving you the option to use the X1 without requiring Kinect 2.0 to be plugged in but its a very fragmented experience.

If you want things to just look prettier but an experience that is more of the same then seriously the X1 is not for you the PS4 is....So just go get a PSN+ account and purchase a PS4.

Haemorrhaging money just to please a small portion of your install base that you have no guarenteed knowledge ahead of time to predict that they will ACTUALLY buy your product is business suicide.

Just think where we would be if the Wright Brothers hadn't invented and persisted with the airplane.

Where we would be if someone had not invented and persisted with computers, gaming consoles, automobiles, cellphones even the internet.

If gaming is to evolve and change then we shouldn't stand in the way but embrass it, even if it takes a few itterations before the tech truly finds its place.

Seriously people need to just give it a rest. Then again haters are always going to hate so have fun with that.

denawayne2283d ago

People need to understand that all these 180's are to appease the masses the love to cry about anything. The thing people don't realize is that the things MS 180ed on will still be implemented so you get the full experience. You will always want to be online (cloud), download games (cheaper, family sharing, no disc), and have your Kinect plugged in (snap,skype, some games will require it).

thetruthx12283d ago (Edited 2283d ago )

No leave the Kinect in with the system for those of us who want more immersion and different experiences

They can drop the price and keep Kinect

n4rc2283d ago

I think allowing it to function without kinect is fine and well.. Selling it without kinect is a bad idea..

When everyone has it.. It gives greater incentive to make use of it.. The future is bright, tho it is a shame we don't have any launch titles for it..

But I think I'm like most and want its secondary features, not motion gaming per say

2283d ago
SwiftArsonist2283d ago

if they had the kinect it was bad, when they change it its bad. Sony drones are running out of excuses to hate the Xbox One. Gamescon is right around the corner, be afraid lol MS is coming for the kill

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