Review: Kid Tripp - Save/Continue

Save/Continue writes:

"Nintendo‘s Super Mario Bros might not ever make the leap to iOS, but Not Done Yet Games are keen to ensure that their latest offering, Kid Tripp, is the closest you’ll get to playing the skull-bopping, coin collecting escapades of Nintendo’s mustached, erstwhile mascot.

They come brilliantly close to realising this hugely ambitious goal too, crafting a game that neatly leverages perceptually clumsy touch screen controls to create a responsive and satisfying control system; allowing it to ably fulfil its pixel-perfect platforming mandate with due aplomb across its numerous, twenty-second long, pixel-art lavished worlds."

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Sidology2290d ago

You know, it's good to see old style platformers alive and well.

And good, of course.

Bitsnark2290d ago

Totally - this game was quite the revelation!