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Lumber Jack on the player is a lumberjack, which is true to the name of the game, looking for revenge against killer trees in honor of her grandmother who was killed by a pine diabolical. As you can see is a game that should be taken very seriously and with a realistic story. Jack, the name of the lumberjack, meets other characters such as a lumberjack and female animals. Lumber Jack is an arcade game that has many similariedades with Fruit Ninja.

Of course, instead of fruit will attack logs of wood, and there are some tricks they learn along the way. Each level consists of a number of plays in each game, a lot of trunks is packed with a pre-determined path. When the player places the cursor on the screen, the time decreases significantly, and the stop logs in place. Then the player needs to cut each of them in a given time, as in a Fruit Ninja with Bullet Time.

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