Playstation Plus: Good Value?

Playstation Plus: A Wet Dream for the Frugal, a Nightmare for the Trophy *****

Playstation Plus was first announced in E3 2010 by Jack Tretton, President and CEO of SCEA and subsequently launched June 29th of the same year. When it was first released it wasn't worth it in the slightest. Fast forward three years...has anything changed?

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Rimeskeem2287d ago

Its better then excellent but i dont know the word to explain it

alien6262287d ago

why are people still questioning PS+...its a great opinion i think is better than Xbox live two free games program they have

admiralvic2287d ago

Because N4G seems to have a higher population of Sony users (not exactly fanboys), so these topics usually get a lot of views no matter how stupid the post actually is. And if someone brings up the... debate, well, you can easily get 100 degrees out of that fight.

As far as the actual question goes, it really doesn't need to be said. As long as you make back what you pay, then it's a good value. This is going to be different from person to person, but Plus gets roughly 60 titles a year, so even the most hardcore of hardcore should get at least $50 dollars worth of value.

Corpser2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Good value for those that don't buy many new games and only play games on Sony platforms. Someone like me that have ps3 only for the exclusives and rather play the multi platform games on pc... Its value is a lot less

akaFullMetal2287d ago

I suppose for you it might not be so worth it now, but seeing how it's coming to Ps4, it might sway you a bit more. Since the ps4 will be more powerful and won't be restricted in ram, we should see AA, better lighting and textures. Should make it more enjoyable and come closer to PC gaming.

Rimeskeem2287d ago

not to mention PC games can be ported to the PS4 much easier so you shouldnt miss out on PC titles too much

Hicken2287d ago

Well, it obviously wouldn't help give you discounts on PC, Xbox, or Wii.

wishingW3L2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

good value only to those that play anything but not not for me. I only play very specific niche games like for example, Yakuza, and I don't buy any DLC (ever) so what gives? I'll be forced to pay to play online on the PS4 just to play a few sporadic online matches with friends. Basically I'll be forced to give money to Sony for something I'll hardly even use.

JackBNimble2287d ago

No body is forcing you to do anything, and if you really hardly ever use it then there doesn't seem like much point in buying it.

caseh2287d ago

Who knows, maybe some of these niche games you speak of will appear on PS+. There are a few I didn't think I would ever play but ended up pouring in a few hours.

HammadTheBeast2287d ago

If you hardly play online, just play Planetside 2 or Blacklight with your friends, no Plus required for those.

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Transporter472287d ago

Best value for a membership i have ever seen for games anyways.

gaelic_laoch2287d ago

Darn tooting right it is!

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The story is too old to be commented.