The 5 Most Annoying Beta Testers

Beta testing used to be an awesome privilege, now it is a marketing exercise attracting all manner of idiots. Here are 5 of the worst.

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Godlovesgamers2283d ago

Sorry, but all that Beta-testing ever was is a way for the developer to lower costs on testing and it makes for a good "soft launch" as well. It just happened to also be a good/bad way to market the game to the hardcore as well, depending on the quality of the game in beta.

Unfortunately for developers, I don't work for free. So either pay me to test the game or bring it to me when it's finished. Either way I'm sure I'll still be charged full price to play the final product.

abuelo2283d ago

I'll have to disagree with you there I think. I'm in software myself and beta testing performs a significant function, especially with software that requires hefty hardware optimisation.

Having said that, often these days the 'beta test' is simply an advert and your playing more or less the finished product, minor some slight tweakage.