Microsoft to discuss 'unique Xbox One exclusive' during Gamescom showcase

Microsoft Studios CVP Phil Spencer has released new information on the platform holder's plans for Gamescom, revealing that it will be discussing a "unique [Xbox One] exclusive" during its showcase event next Tuesday.

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dcj05241985d ago

I may not like the XBOX brand but I do like games. Show me your moves microsoft!

ShugaCane1985d ago

Exactly ! I'm not interested in the Xbox One, but I'm still eagerly anticipating Gamescom's big game annoucements :)

black0o1985d ago

they won't stream it .. :(

4Sh0w1985d ago

I wonder what it is, I'm hoping its another IP that has something to do with their tv studio and games intergration like Quantum Break.

1985d ago
badz1491985d ago

'unique Xbox One exclusive'

must be Kinect games.

redwin1985d ago

I'm very excited, I love MS games.

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Muerte24941985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

It's a step in right direction. They secured TitanFall for the "console" exclusive, so early adopter will have something to look for in 2014. While personally feel that it isn't worth the $60 since it's MP only, it look fun. Now let see what else they can do. They should show their dedication to indies by devoting a part of their conference to them. Go ahead Microsoft, try to win me back.

@Death, who do you think are making those experiences on your phone? Indies. Also the top five indies aren't technically indies anymore. We're talking about world of tanks, minecraft, etc.

Death1985d ago

Shoot me a top 5 indie list we can play on consoles. I'm completely missing the entire indie craze. I was kind of hoping the $400-$500 consoles coming up would play something I can't already do on my phone.

Death1985d ago

I'm completely happy with the games on my phone which are great for the platform. Why would I want them on my Xbox One or PS4? Love the Vita I bought. Hate the fact that not many games take advantage of the platform. I really don't want to see the same thing happen to consoles. It's like buying a Ferrari and dropping in a 4 cylinder from your moms Focus in it.

dcj05241985d ago

Warhawk. It's worth more than $60 and its multiplayer only. Trust me. There are a lot of MP only games that are far more worth $60.

HammadTheBeast1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Warhawk was $40 only tho, and it came with a mic.

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Maddens Raiders1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

If MS lives up to their money first reputation when it comes to gamers vs revenue, I expect they will be heavily showcasing all things Kinect from here until launch day. Since the 180 announcement on the so called "Kinect requirement" is all over the nets, they will now push the peripheral uber hard in order to justify the $100 more price tag of the console during the holiday season.

Once consumers learn that the difference in price is due to a stuffed in peripheral at MS's discretion (which they've relegated to vestigial status) and not due to some huge power advantage that the XBONE has over it's rival in the PS4, this will force MS to drop the "Kinect is included" sku and run with a totally Kinect-less sku thereafter (but MS knows they have about a year before they have to do this).

Until the latter comes to fruition though, expect a lot of showering praise and love for the Kinect 2.0 coming out of Redmond and for good reason. MS have invested a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this peripheral that was supposed to read our hearts, eyes, and interest levels in games, ads, and movies. Hell there were even achievements for watching commercials ffs. They can't totally piss off all of the advertisers and devs who were totally banking on MS ramming the Kinect 2.0 down the world's throats. Unfortunately I believe they have pissed some off in this move and I don't believe we've heard the last of the Kinect reversal.

MS is doing /what they have to do now/ because quite frankly they were getting mopped my SONY in presales , even in NA and it was going to be an abortion for MS if they didn't switch gears. We've seen a ton of reversals by them the last few weeks so that they can remain relevant and not become the full blown laughing stock of the gaming world. Something tells me though..... that as easy as it was for MS to "reverse" all of these things pre-launch, it will be just as easy if not more so to do it again, once they've got enough fish on the hooks.

SuperLupe1985d ago

Stopped reading at "Madden Raiders".

Death1985d ago

Microsoft pissed off a bunch of Playstation fans that have been crying since E3. Now that Microsoft has catered to the wrong crowd, they are crying because Microsoft changed direction. Meanwhile, Sony has been incredibly tight lipped letting the SDF do their thingand getting away with whatever they want. Where was the SDF when Sony announced online play was now $50 on the PS4? They are silent since Plus is a good deal in their eyes. It is completely irrelevant that the majority of Playstation owners were not impressed, but are now forced to pay.

Microsoft made the mistake of listening to the vocal whiners that have never intended to buy an Xbox One. It's disgusting to see a company completely miss their target audience.

AceofStaves1985d ago

@Death - do you really believe the post-E3 outcry was just from Sony fans, and that MS reversed its policies to cater to the 'vocal minority'?

The truth is found in the cold, hard truth of pre-order figures. If the XB1 had caught a wave of public interest after E3 and enjoyed a healthy lead over PS4 in terms of pre-orders at retailers, MS wouldn't have changed a thing. They wouldn't have needed to.

Unfortunately for MS, the PS4 proved to be much more popular amongst those looking to buy one of the consoles at launch given the strong demand for PS4 at various retailers. All those people reserving PS4s aren't simply Sony fanboys. Fanboys of any stripe are a minority.

Phoenix761985d ago

MS did themselves no favours what-so-ever with their TV TV TV SPORTS SPORTS TV ADS TV approach with the XB1.
Its a fact that here in the UK, they only went for talks with TV channel makers like SKY and Virgin media, yet still have nothing at all with either. Mainly due to compatibility issue I suspect its because the XB1 has been designed for the American audience mainly.
And seeing as MS thought it was a great investment of $400mil just to screen NFL (only the 10th most popular sport in the world) with the waving of your hand in the air (thanks to Kinect)it shows exactly where MS have gone wrong.
To much money, not enough sense.

rainslacker1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

They should have been showing off Kinect 2.0 from the beginning to be honest. When it's such an integral part of the system, one should demand that they show the reason for them including it.

I know the system control/TV features use it, but for my part, I want to know what it will do for my gaming experience since that is primarily what I buy a console for.

I thought MS had a great E3 conference, but was totally dumbfounded that they didn't show a single implementation of a Kinect game.

I can think of a few reasons for this.

1. They have nothing ready for Kinect 2.0 as evidenced that they only announced Kinect Sports.

2. They know that it's not a step up from Kinect 1.0 for making games evidenced by the fact that SmartGlass got much more screen time on the stage.

3. They didn't want to get Kinect backlash for showing anything like they have for the past few years. This one shows a complete lack of faith in the product being a compelling selling point.

This is the primary reason why I am not on the Kinect 2.0 bandwagon. If they could have shown something meaningful, then it would be easier to take those touting it's amazing benefits seriously...MS themselves included.

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Johnsonparts231985d ago

it'll be them announcing a name change lol

ABeastNamedTariq1985d ago

What is "Europe's biggest franchise"? I might be out of the loop but...what is it?

(It was mentioned in the article, I'm not off-topic.)

CalamityCB1985d ago

Unfortunately FIFA, if you live in England like me you'd notice 95% of teenage boys have a hard on for FIFA games; football will always sell in England.

iamnsuperman1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Probably something Kinect related to Fifa 14. EA have started moving towards motion controls for FIFA for some reason. FIFA is Europe's biggest franchise

jackanderson19851985d ago

people are split on whether it's League of Legends or Fifa... most likely Fifa and a clarification on the deal MS have with EA.. or at least that's my view on it

Although i'm hoping it's not fifa related at all

Eldyraen1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

FIFA most likely.

I hate when I forget I leave a window open for a while and reply late ;)

Phoenix761985d ago

after the $400mil they splashed out on NFL, I wouldn't be surprised at all if it is EA FIFA related.

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