Sony Asks Developers to Focus on PS4's Social Features

OnlySP: Sony is asking developers to give attention to the social aspects of the PlayStation 4 when they develop games for the system, according to Chris Cobb, co-founder of Ragtag Studio.

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steve30x2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

I buy a console to play games not to use social features on it

2282d ago
nooneknows2282d ago

READ the article!

They're talking about enhancing Online PLAY. Not Facebook or Twitter.

For example, sharing gameplay or screenshots to your friends on PSN.

steve30x2282d ago

I dont play online. I play single player only.

black0o2282d ago

then why are u here online complaining ?

steve30x2282d ago

This is not a game and I am entitrled to my opinion.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Since the Release of the Xbox 360, and the Ps3 consoles have become a much more social realm with the increase of online gaming. I'm in favor of this. I would love to have most games able to use the "share" feature. The Ps4 really looks like it's going to have a good amount of social features which I will love to use. Watch live streams, tell me when a friend gets a new game, jump in for a friend to help him/her beat a level in a game, and get an announcement when your friend gets a platinum trophy... which for me is amazing, I don't have to many platinum but getting a little more bragging rights would be awesome,especially since me and my friends are competitive we would love to out do each other.
Bring on the Social :)

steve30x2282d ago

The people who disagree with me know me better than I know myself

Lovable2282d ago

LOL you just got burned by nooneknows. Did it hurt? lol

steve30x2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Yes horribly , seriously he didnt burn me. Some people on here are so bloody opinionated and think they are the only ones allowed to have an opinion.

Lockon2282d ago

How the hell do you have five bubbles?

s8anicslayer2282d ago


"Why are you here?" (In my Bane voice).

adorie2282d ago

*continues in Banes real voice*
Your carelessness has cost the lives of 3 otha trolls.

yellowgerbil2282d ago

Good for you!! let's all clap for the antisocial shut in
"clap clap clap"

I buy a console to play games but I use it for many other things too. those extra things may not factor into my purchase choice, but appreciate them being there.

I am looking forward to showing crazy glitches in the eventually coming Fallout 4.
I am interested in sharing my community content I make for the upcoming Media Molecule ps4 game to youtube so people who don't have it can see what I make.
I am interested in cross game chatting with people so I can easilly play MP games like Planetside 2 and only listen to the select people I want to hear instead of dealing with annoying 12yos.

Social features enrich the gaming experience


thats a bit harsh, and just because you think social features enrich the gaming experience dosnt mean it is a fact. I also just play single player as most of my mates who game only play fifa and cod, and i have no interest in playing people online that im never going to meet in real life as its dont enrich anything for me..and i also just prefer story driven games. So does that make me an anti social shut in to...or just someone who has a different way of enjoying games?

saber000052282d ago

Well that's your problem for not wanting to play multiplayer. I take it you're not buying BF4?

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HolyDuck2282d ago

Focus on social features?

HA, what a joke, people want to play games not update their twitter feed or facebook status every time they get a trophy.

Wingsfan242282d ago

Some people like to keep track of that. Raptr does exactly that and its got millions of users.

2282d ago
jujubee882282d ago

I'm going to do a facebook search, find out who you are. Go to your school. And tell your teacher the mean things you say about Playstation.

Everyone will laugh at you as they pick up their launch PS4's. Just you watch, HolyDuck. Just you watch.


ABeastNamedTariq2282d ago

You obviously didn't read the article. Run along now.

Rimeskeem2282d ago

did you read the article?

mxrider21992282d ago

pls read the article before you say something stupid and PATHETIC again

HolyDuck2282d ago

As we don't know what the PS4's social aspects are called, I think it's reasonable to use "Facebook & Twitter" as examples, the videos/pictures are obviously going to be shared somewhere (Most likely a Playstation social service).

So calling me out on not reading it is utterly idiotic as I'm using the sites as examples. Grow up.

pyramidshead2282d ago

re-read the article please.

XisThatKid2282d ago

Ok so no more social features no friend list no chat options no mmessages no online gaming STFU dude.....just STFU

HolyDuck2282d ago

Clearly twisting what I said way out of proportions, no one wants to update their social networks when playing a game.

I didn't mention chat once, so please go back to whatever hole you decided to scamper out of.

XisThatKid2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

This article never had anything to say about twit or facebook I just went back to my hole and scampered back out with that fact. Thanks for the advice Internet hero.(almost) Every online feature our consoles have are social features.

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thrust2282d ago

Now the ps fanboys can post non sense about the Xbox one while gaming at the same time, how cool is that!

2282d ago
MRMagoo1232282d ago

believe me Thrust when i say this but when the ps4 is released no one in the world will be talking about the xbone.

nooneknows2282d ago

What they mean by social aspects is online play to enhance better gameplay. I bet you Xbots didn't bother to read the article obviously.

thrust2282d ago

Now this is somthin that needs looking at and spending alot of money on!

Death2282d ago


I read the article. This has nothing to do with "online play to enhance better gameplay". They are asking devs to include the "share" feature which is online streaming and video capture.

nooneknows2282d ago

Yeah, that makes online play, better. Sharing gameplay with your friends and having fun looking at it.

MRMagoo1232282d ago

so all you did was prove nooneknows right there death grats.

Death2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Online playback to enhance social networking? Maybe. "online play to enhance better gameplay" makes no more sense tonight as it did this morning when I read it. I'll be honest, I kind of assumed english wasn't nooneknows first language and tried not to let the phrase hurt my brain too much. If you got "the ability to share prior gameplay and post it for your friends" from that, Godbless you. What he said sure as hell didn't come from the article though.

THC CELL2282d ago

Clan features,trophie leaderboards. Challenge a player. Video awards.clip of the week and I can think of many more

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