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Ian DeMartino of GameWoof writes "'Wow, that is messed up' was one of the more vanilla reactions I got when showing people the trailer for Joyful Executions. That is because Joyful Executions really is messed up. The creator, who I interviewed, doesn't agree with my assessment, but on one level there is no denying that it is messed up. It is, at its most basic and boiled down explanation, a game where players control a young North Korean girl who is in charge of putting dissidents to death while utilizing ammo in the most efficient way possible. However, simply because something is messed up doesn’t mean it doesn’t have value, and when Joyful Executions is viewed for what it is, a piece of art/social commentary, it has tremendous value precisely because of how messed up it appears to be. That makes iTunes banning of this game all the more disastrous while making Google Play’s openness all the more valuable."

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