The four weirdest moments in ‘Street Fighter’ lore

VGW's Will Harrison points out his four favorite moments in Street Fighter lore that make no sense whatsoever. Fireballs are illusions? Dying and getting better? It's all here!

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Baka-akaB1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Uh ? that's your lore evidence of Akuma Killing Bison , some comic by udon when there are dozens of street fighter comics or manga stuff ?

The game didnt show it , end of story .

And seth nisnt a robot , nor is Abel . Seth is a synthetic human , it's said verbatim in the game .

And Abel is a cloned replacement body , not a robot either .

The game plot is silly sure , but let's not twist it further .

EyePawd1892d ago

I don't normally respond to trolling, but I'm feeling peppy, so here we go:

Capcom has stated that Udon's work is canon, writ large. If you need more proof, there are multiple references in game to Akuma not only sending Bison's soul to Hades, but also that he was revived from death. End of story.

Synthetic human = robot. Let's not mince words for the sake of being contrary.

Your argument is silly, sure, but let's not twist it further, eh?

VTKC1892d ago

the author forgot to mention Akuma was also a robot at some point but the thing with the Cyber Akuma, Mechanical zangief and Shadow lady is that they were something in the Marvel part of the VS series. And in that particular series of Xmen vs and Marvel vs etc is that pretty much anything is permitted and not necessarily make sense. I mean just think. the most recent vs(marvel vs Capcom 3) at the end you face galactus. GALACTUS! Now I don't think anyone in the street fighter universe could possibly face Galactus. Not even Akuma.
even in the previous vs games (marvel vs capcom) you face Onslaught at the end. It took no end of Superheroes to sort him out and they die in the process. Street fighter characters are no way super hero class.
I recall that M Bison is an entity. Akuma destroyed M bison at the final fight in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. But in the newer Street Fighter 4 etc. it was explained that the entity simply got a new body.

You want to talk about weird? What about Darth Vader and Yoda appearing in Soul Calibur universe? They both wield Light Sabers. How can any of the other fighters block against them?