Payday 2 Physical Launch Facing Nationwide Issues

VGR: A game that many have been really looking forward to experiencing on their PS3s and Xbox 360s is apparently hitting a rough patch in getting consumers their copies.


The games were shipped from the warehouses today to retail stores. Meaning that Gamestop and BestBuy have used the warehouse date as the release date. The game should be in full circulation in 3-4 days. Looks like a disappointing miscommunication.

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ThatCanadianGuy5141892d ago

"Hence why I can’t wait to see the transition to day one digital downloads on consoles."

Isn't it coming out today on PSN tho?

Dee_Cazo1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

If it is, that would be wonderful. Unfortunately on Xbox on Demand it won't arrive until the last week of August.

Not sure if that is the case for PSN.

jackanderson19851892d ago

i thought the console versions weren't set to release until the 16th while the pc versions release the 13th... although that could just be uk and ireland related

ThatCanadianGuy5141892d ago

PS store updates are always on tuesdays.I can't see them releasing it on the 16th.My PS store pre-order said 13 too.

Just have to wait for them to update the store.Which, could be in 10 mins, or 10 hours, going by Grace chen time.

jackanderson19851892d ago

i meant the physical releases wasn't sure on digitals... Overkill announced it on their own twitter saying console versions expected between 13th and 16th so take from that what you will... either way game looks good can't wait to get it myself

Blues Cowboy1892d ago

Apparently the PC servers are barely holding up, too.

TOGC1892d ago

and that is why I love digital.

Dee_Cazo1892d ago

Can't wait to buy Xbox One/PS4 titles day one right to my console for this reason alone.

I just hope we get a pre-load option.

Rivitur1892d ago

Damn you Amazon!!!

Also does anyone know if the CE from amazon comes with the mask and all the goodies? I asked Gamestop and they said all the CE came with it but there was really no info on Amazon's page.

Dee_Cazo1892d ago

I haven't heard, but I don't think the mask was Gamestop exclusive.

I had one from E3 and it's sort of cheap. I do like the stacks of $2 bills from Payday that they gave me though.

Rivitur1892d ago

I am curious though chances are the mask you got and the pre-order are probably the same but hey you never know as long as it doesn't have the same characteristics as a party hat it should be fine.

Dee_Cazo1892d ago

Party hat quality was ours. I hope for the best for you lol

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