You May Know More About Persona 5 Than You Think

Eskimo Press: "The announcement of the announcement may not come as a big surprise to most fans, but one thing that they may be completely overlooking is the biggest hint that has already been dropped by Atlus; they may already have revealed who Persona 5's protagonist is."

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Donnieboi2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )


Arena hinted at it being Elizabeth (she gained the wild card which signifies that she must begin a new journey. However, I think they will have a new cast. IF they do anything with Elizabeth, Margaret, Marie, or any other past characters, it'll likely be another spin-off.

2284d ago
Hydralysk2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

I disagree, I don't really see that meaning Elizabeth is going to be the next protagonist.

The end of Arena for every character but Elizabeth (spoilers) has the SEES characters and the investigation team both gearing up to unmask and take on the 2 villains that are revealed to be cause of Arena's story. Elizabeth's ending she just gets a card for her journey to eventually free the P3 protagonist, a much more long term and abstract goal. Plus, Elizabeth would be WAY too OP for a protagonist, her and Margaret at the hardest bosses of their respective games and at the start of Arena Elizabeth is already killing giant space monsters on the moon.

If I'm right in my thinking, P5 is definitely going to involve those 2 unnamed villains, and the fact that the villains are targeting both P3 and P4 characters probably means returning characters. I'd agree the main cast will be new, but I'd expect a lot of cameos.

Donnieboi2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

Yeah I practically said the same thing. Except I also think there will be cameos. However they will likely try to not reveal too much about p3 and p4's main plots to avoid spoiling it for newcomers.

Baka-akaB2284d ago

There is no way i see elizabeth being the main character of a main persona game .

If anything it would hint at her quest being shown in P5 along side the new cast , or as a major NPC .

Maybe it will even be the focus of a Arena 2 .

Donnieboi2284d ago

^ agreed. Elizabeth is way too overpowered and a bit socially awkward (since she rarely ever left the velvet room) to be an adequate Main Character in a social sim series like Persona. At best she may be in a spin-off (could be a movie, manga, Arena 2, or whatever). But one thing is for sure, she WAS given the wild card. So they must eventually plan to do something with it. Imagine if her story picks up after the p3 movie ends?

Also, I remember seeing a rumor a while back that Atlus was interested in the Wonderbook peripheral for the ps3 before Arena came out. But I don't know if that means they are making a game for it. However, I can see how the wonderbook device could be used as Elizabeth's Persona Compendium book if the were continuing her story via a spin-off game (assuming Atlus's interest in the device pans out). Plus the way Elizabeth carried that Compendium with her in Arena all the time suggests that it is her main source of power. If anything, it makes her LIKE a wildcard by default due to the vast array of Persona's that she and her sister have access to due to the collective number of Persona's stored in her book.

Protagonist2284d ago (Edited 2284d ago )

If any from P4 Arena, the protagonist in P5 will be Labrys!

The ( true ) culprit in P4 Arena was never revealed and so the story continues in P5.

Blacklash932284d ago

V is for Velvet, not 5. I highly doubt Marie will be part of Persona 5.