Microsoft Stares Down Their Last Xbox One Hurdle, $499

Forbes: Obviously this would be a big loss for Microsoft’s grand strategy. They’ve maintained for years now that if people only owned a Kinect, they could never live without it afterward. With the Xbox One, they were just going to outright force people to buy one, and then subsequently make people use it by requiring the Kinect to be active in order to use the rest of the functions of the console. It’s kind of a dirty trick, but at least for a lot of consumers, it probably would have worked.

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NatureOfLogic2288d ago

"Microsoft Stares Down Their Last Xbox One Hurdle, Being more expensive than the PS4"


Commandar_Shepard2288d ago

If somehow MS dropped the price of the Xbox One with Kinect to $399 it would be an instant purchase. I doubt it will happen before launch though. If it did, maybe the people who paid an extra $100 will be given a year of live and a choice of a free game that can be either Forza 5, Ryse, or Dead Rising 3.

Godchild10202288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

I'm thinking $350 without the kinect and the Kinect will retail for $150. Bringing the total cost to that $500 dollar mark.

The 360 was cheaper this Gen, so why not keep the tradition alive. It wouldn't be a complete 180 without the price drop.

gaffyh2288d ago

What they should do is cut the price by $180 to keep the 180 tradition alive.

VENOMACR2288d ago


If Microsoft didn't include the Kinect with the X1 they wouldn't sell any. I dont think the normal Kinect sold all that great. And if they priced it at $150, no ones buying it. I personally don't mind the $500 price point, I think it's still a good value for your money. PS3 launched and it was just a gaming system and cost close to $700. So heres a system thats more powerful and comes with more then the PS3 for $200 less.

Even at $400 for a PS4, its going to cost you at least $600 by the time you walk out the door. Games, accessories, tax, it won't be cheap. So if people are able to come up with $600 for a system and a couple games, is the X1 really that tougher to wrap your spending around? No one buys a system and then takes it home and doesn't play it lol, so either way your going to be spending more then just the $400. But it would be nice if they lowered the cost, I'm always down to save money.

redwin2288d ago

I think the idea of giving the one year of Xbox Live and a next gen game free is a good deal or keep the kinect free. The thing is about keeping kinect in the box so it's readily available when people decide to use it. I'm sure people would use it to Skype and as a mic at the least.

trenso12288d ago

@venomacr if thats the case with ps4 then wouldn't the X1 cost you $700 by the time you walk out the door

devwan2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

@VENOMACR "I personally don't mind the $500 price point, I think it's still a good value for your money. PS3 launched and it was just a gaming system and cost close to $700."

It was the cheapest bluray player on the planet and that was kind of a big deal at the time. ps3 was never "just a gaming system".

"So heres a system thats more powerful and comes with more then the PS3 for $200 less. "

That's all kinds of effed up logic.

As for your ps4 + addons comment... anything you add to $400 is always going to be $100 more buying the bone.

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Abash2288d ago

Right now that is my biggest problem with the Xbox One, the $500 price tag just makes it unappealing to me

Godmars2902288d ago

Its not the everything behind a paywall or that w/o Kinect the console effectively becomes crippled?

Bob Dole2288d ago

It works without Kinect now.

Godmars2902288d ago

It probably worked w/o Kinect before.

Think about it: they have to be well into production by now. And they honestly going to go back, crack open all of the units they've completed and rework them?

This also re-raises the one-time online requirement question. That that's still needed but now Kinect isn't.

Its just incredible how badly MS gauged public reaction and how much of their "set in stone" policies proved not to be. How if things manage not to work out they'll likely blame consumers for not understanding what they were trying to do.

VENOMACR2288d ago

Mostly everything behind a paywall now and Xbox Live is 10X more popular then PS+. Live is a better gaming experience, all the other stuff is just a bonus. I have a Live subscription to play online, not watch YouTube videos. I personally don't care about Netflix, I think their instant lineup is terrible. Skype, I've got a PC for that or my tablet or phone. Browsing the web, pc/tablet/phone, recording my gaming isn't important to me. I don't mind paying $40 to play online and then getting all this extra stuff as a bonus.

Two ways to look at it:
1. Xbox, spending $40 to play online and get a bunch of stuff added in plus free 360 games.
2. PS, spending $40 (not sure the cost of PS+) just to play online since you get all the other stuff without a membership. Not sure if they will keep the discounts and free games going.

Mikeyy2288d ago

PS+ is going to continue to offer the free games and discounts...

+ was well worth the money before multiplayer was tacked on.

And lol at the 10x more popular number. Live has bled many of its sub's the last few years, mainly because barely any exclusives come out on 360 anymore.

Godmars2902288d ago

Believe its $60 for XBL, and $50 for PS+.

And really, the whole stupid argument in regards to PS+/XBL is what is and what isn't behind the paywall. That if online gaming isn't your thing and You get an XB1/360 you still have to pay for XBL.

Ignoring points of contention in attempt to prove your argument, especially when they are key points, does not prove your argument. How many times must that be pointed out?

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user74029312288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

there's more hurdles than just the $499.00 price tag.

1. specs

2. AA batteries

3. price tag

But by all means if your content with that and you just prefer the ones exclusives, enjoy your xone. but what i stated are facts, nothing more or less.

NatureOfLogic2288d ago

Don't forget the paywall for key features and no true f2p.

fr0sty2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

(@ comment 3.2, midnight er20c_sfF below. replied to the wrong post.)

There aren't any true F2p games on Xbox One. You can't even surf internet explorer without paying for Live Gold. And yes, AA batteries suck. Lithium-ion gives you far more play time, and they can be recharged thousands of times before they have to be replaced (which Sony will do free of charge, as they do with the PS3 controller batteries).

user74029312288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

^ @ nature, that makes #4

JBSleek2288d ago

The paywall is irrelevant if you are going to pay for Live anyway. It's a non starter argument.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

Are you serious? AA batteries are enough to turn you off of a console? LOL.. .that's hilarious.

And look at the above comment. No true Free to play games.

Jesus.. these Sony Cronies.

colonel1792288d ago

Yes! I hated when my Wii ran out of batteries. Even when I had rechargable batteries, for some reason you don't charge another set, and you can't continue playing while they are charging. With a USB cable you just plug and continue playing.

The worst is the paywall. MS and Sony have their reasons to charge for online play (maybe to keep the servers on all the time), however, MS charging for something that is free (F2P) or having to pay twice for paid services (like Netflix) is unacceptable.

The specs is choice. A lot of people don't care is the machine is not as good as other consoles. A lot of people prefer to buy a lesser car, or a lesser phone, etc. So it doesn't matter.

user74029312288d ago

#1 its not hilarious

#2 yes AA batteries get expensive and are trouble.

#3 read 1 and 3

UnHoly_One2288d ago


The Battery argument has got to be one of the most amazingly ignorant things I've ever read anywhere on the internet, and that says quite a bit.

Xsilvermist2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

Its not free to play if u have to pay for xbox live. And u pay to use shitty internet explorer god that is robbery at best.

Gridloc2288d ago

Shouldn't you be busy playing all of the 360 AAA exclusives that came out this year. With so many to play I don't know where you find the time to post here...

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

@colonel179.... you realize you can connect a usb mini to the X1 controller and hook it up to the X1 as well right? That was revealed in that new video. You can use batteries, or you can use it wired. It's a two in one.

@Gridloc above. So cocky with 1 AAA game that is TLoU right? 1-0... so much more! I'll be getting the GotY as well, GTA 5 when it comes out. I'll also be downloading TLoU on my PS3 later... owning both consoles ftw.

clonerz2287d ago

@venomacr ps3 was $599.99 499.99 retail at launch for us it played blue ray the top end was hardware bc and built in wifi recharge controller and no cost online if your gonna try and compare at least get the numbers right the 360 was 399.99 at launch no wifi no recharge controller in the box and paid sub for online the value was in the ps3 all the way not to mention the cost of upgrading ps3 hardrive vs Xbox 360 hardrive and if I had to guess Microsoft will prob take the same route with hd upgrades this gen playstation brand has offered more value for your dollar hands down can't argue facts period

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No_Limit2288d ago

Last Hurdle, convincing the .001% Sony fans that have no interest of buying the system. Man, MS be be sweating bullet now.

fr0sty2288d ago

Hmm... judging by EVERY online poll ever conducted asking who was going to buy PS4 or XB1, they have about 75-90% of the people left to convince still.

Xsilvermist2288d ago

He hates playstation dont worry about what he says.

FITgamer2288d ago

It's funny that you think that it's only SONY fanboys. If that was the case there would've been no reason at all for MS to change anything because they wouldn't be the one purchasing the system. Don't be so naive.

corvusmd2288d ago

As we've seen so far...the "paper spec advantage" of the PS4 isn't translating into better looking or running fact when compared side by side running ON CONSOLE XB1 has been looking stronger at a better frame this isn't really a fix, nice try though. Ever notice that when "specs" are compared, it's ONLY about the few areas where PS4 has the advantage, and we conveniently forget about EVERYTHING else? That mistake was made last gen too, you'd think we would have learned.

AA Batteries is actually an option, if you prefer a rechargeable battery you can buy one for $24.99 or another controller and kit for $74.99. If the battery in your PS4 controller dies it's $59.99 everytime...the battery works with every kit. You also have the option of using ANY micro USB cable to plug your controller in and use NO battery and get more precision (you know like the cable for your PS3 controller). Not really sure why this is an issue...this is more of a nit-pick.

Price tag is the only thing that someone can actually complain about legitimately. However, I personally don't because I see value in everything that XB1 brings to the table. So far a better line-up in exclusives (IMO...I used to think Order looked cool till I found out it was linear...if PS4 comes out with 3-4 exclusives I like I'll grab one), So far the games are run smoother and look better when played on console, XB1 is expanding (not replacing) the video game interaction experience and I personally see a lot of great innovation coming from that, and MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING ELSE XBL will be and ACTUAL upgrade in the world of online gaming, 20xs better than the next best online service (PSN upgrade is still under that of current XBL) for games that I love (MP/MMO/Sandbox) XBL will provide a huge advantage....this aspect alone is worth the extra $20-$25 a year (over a 8-10 console lifespan) by my calculation...the Kinect is virtually free.

GamerGuy1532288d ago

I think the Order still has excellent potential even if it is linear. As long as it uses a similar strategy as naught dog has with uncharted and the last of us, and uses a compelling story to warrant the linear progression.

hardcorehippiez2288d ago

so you have played the ps4 online to know how good or bad or how it stacks up to the one online . please do tell us ..... im waiting

gaelic_laoch2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

The Xbone will be coming out of the Labs like a demented monster not knowing what the hell it is this November! Car Crash stuff really!

Funantic12288d ago

You do know the 360 comes with controllers that only has a AA battery back piece. Just buy a charge and play kit or buy rechargeable batteries. The Energizer Power Plus ones in particular last longer than both Sony's controllers and Microsoft's batteries. They are your best option.

VENOMACR2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

Lets go through your list:
1. Specs - Yes, PS4 specs are better, but wasn't the PS3 specs better then the 360 yet the 360 continues to outsell it? Cross platform games look almost identical.

2. AA batteries - I really hope this is a joke because that's the worst argument to not buy a system. Couple options, play n charge kit or rechargeable batteries (recommended). I bought rechargeable batteries over 5 years ago. They charge in 30 minutes and when they die, I swap them out in no time and back to playing from wherever in the room I am. PS3 took forever to charge and the cord was 1ft long.

3. Price tag - It's $100. Your going to spend probably $200 extra on launch day on games and accessories alone. $100 is not that large of a difference. If it launched like the PS3 did where it was a couple hundred more then the competition then yes thats an issue. But $100 isn't as big as everyone makes it out to believe. And you get the Kinect (not the strongest point lol).

Those arent really facts btw, it's your opinion. Specs are better but that wont mean better games. AA batteries is a preference. Price tag might mean more to someone on a budget, but if you got $600 to drop on a PS4 and some games, then another $100 won't break your bank.

Mr1Y2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

AA batteries seriously...? Lol you make me laugh,oh and you forgot the power brick

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DEEBO2288d ago

yeah the price is the biggest problem.nobody wants to pay 100 dollars more for the weaker won't be a full year before this happens.and stop with the lies.
no online? buy a 360 no wait we change that
kinect always needs to be hookup to work,not anymore.
what about used games? this is a good thing with the 180's but the price must come down.

mcstorm2288d ago

Why are people still talking about used games? The xbox one has always been able to play used games you just could not sell the game anywhere you wanted you had to go to a shop that was part of the program and then you could sell your game there and you could also buy used games from there to.

Really people on here are just over acting with the xbox one. Sony fan boys have gone on for 7 years about having to pay to play online but that has now changed to you have to have xbox live to accessing Netflix ect because you now have to pay to play the PS4 on line.

Give it a rest people if you don't like the xbox one its fine go and buy the console you want and comment on the console you want instead of going on and on and on about the same things day in day out how Microsoft are bad as it really is starting to get old now and 99% of you were never interested or going to get an xbox one anyway.

Lest stop the ps4 or xbox one or Wiiu is crap because.......... and start being gamers because without Sony Microsoft and Nintendo we would not be able to be a gamer and play the great games all 3 give us year in year out.

riceking2288d ago

if they drop the price then the pre-orders must be doing very bad.

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