Here Is How Realistic BeamNG's Soft Body Physics Solution Actually Is

DSOGaming writes: "A lot of gamers criticized BeamNG's Soft Body Physics Engine. Some of them thought it was 'too floaty' while others claimed that it was not realistic at all. Thankfully, Reddit's member 'VideoJugs' has made a side-by-side comparison between a real crash and a digital crash from BeamNG's tech demo."

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GreatGamePlay2287d ago

Human Soft Body Physics please.

SolidStoner2287d ago

future gaming looks bright...

hazelamy2287d ago

i thought it was a bit weird how the whole car body seemed to bend in videos of this engine, but it looks like the real truck actually bends like the one in the game does.

it seems a bit exaggerated on the virtual version, but not ludicrously so.

more realistic than i thought, and i thought it was pretty damn realistic.

FamilyGuy2287d ago

The bending is there but the simulated version definitely more exaggerated, it makes the whole thing look like a cartoon. Needs more subtlety.