In Game XMB & HOME, Will The Two Coexist Peacefully?

Clash of the Titans? BG21 takes a look at how these two will duke it out upon their eventual release, and questions will one become victorious.

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toughNAME3933d ago

EDIT - Microsoft also owns the patent to HOME

EDIT #2 - Microsoft just bought the patent for Sony Corp. and all its subsidies

Breakfast3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

You know that's not true. Why do you insist on being a fan-{roy, toy, joy, coy} all the time.

Heres the reason why the ps3 pwns the xbox:

PlayStation 3 Exclusives Confirmed

Released [25 Titles]

* Eye of Judgement, The [PlayStation Eye]
* Folklore
* Formula One Championship Edition
* Full Auto 2: Battlelines
* Genji: Days of the Blade
* Godfather: The Don's Edition, The
* Heavenly Sword
* Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds
* Lair
* MLB '07: The Show
* Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire
* MotorStorm
* Ninja Gaiden Sigma
* NBA '07
* NBA '08
* Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
* Resistance: Fall of Man
* Ridge Racer 7
* Spider-Man 3: Collector's Edition
* Time Crisis 4 [Including Guncon 3]
* Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
* Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom
* Unreal Tournament III [+PC] [Timed Exclusive]
* Virtua Fighter 5 [Timed Exclusive]
* Warhawk

Upcoming [97 Titles]

* ActiveDogs Project
* Afrika [2008 Title]
* Agency, The [+PC] [2008 Title]
* Airtight Project
* Amphibian Man [+PC]
* Angel Rings
* Aqua
* BB [Working Title]
* Big Time Revenge [2008 Title]
* Black Blade
* BlazBlue [onAXIS]
* Bomberman
* Brave Arms [JoyStiq]
* Buzz!: Quiz TV [2008 Title]
* Castlevania
* Coded Arms: Assault
* Cops
* Chain Limit [JoyStiq]
* Croteam Untitled Project
* Crucible, The
* Crytek Project
* Dark RPG
* DC Universe
* Disgaea 3
* Driver 5
* Eight Days
* Empire
* Eyedentify
* Factor 5 Project #2
* Fatal Frame PS3
* Ferrari Challenge Pirelli Maranello [+WII]
* FIA World Touring Car Championship
* Fifth Phantom Saga
* Final Fantasy XIII [2008 Title]
* Final Fantasy Versus XIII
* Future GPX Cyber Formula PS3
* Getaway 3
* God of War III
* Gradius
* Gran Turismo 5
* Gran Turismo 5: Prologue [2008 Title]
* Gretzky NHL [Working Title]
* Haze [2008 Title]
* Heavy Rain
* Home, PlayStation [2008 Title]
* inFAMOUS [2008 Title]
* Jaffe Exclusive 1 [N4G]
* Jaffe Exclusive 2 [N4G]
* Jaffe Exclusive 3 [N4G]
* Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier
* Katamari Game [onAXIS]
* Killzone 2 [2008 Title]
* Kurayami (Darkness)
* L.A. Noire [Confirmed]
* LittleBigPlanet [2008 Title]
* Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots [2008 Title]
* Metal Gear Solid Online [Announcement] [2008 Title]
* Metro 2033: The Last Refuge
* Monster Madness: Grave Danger [2008 Title]
* Motorstorm 2 [2008 Title]
* Namco Bandai RPG Project
* Namco Bandai Sports Project
* Namco Bandai Shooter Project
* Naruto: PS3 Project [Scans] [2008 Title]
* Ni-Oh
* Planet One
* Project D
* Project Psychic [Working Title]
* Pterodon FPS Project [untitled]
* Quantic Dream Project [Thread]
* Resistance: Fall of Man 2 [2008 Title]
* Rockstar Games Exclusive Franchise [PS.BlOG]
* Rockstar Old West PS3 Project [untitled]
* Romance of the Three Kingdoms
* Redwood Falls
* Rengoku: The End of the Century
* Returning Alive [Working Title]
* Second Season 01 [JoyStiq]
* Secret Service
* Shin Megami Tensei Project [untitled]
* SingStar [2008 Title]
* Legend of Spyro: Darkest Hour [onAXIS] [+WII]
* Starbreeze Nex-Gen Project
* Star Ocean 4 [2008 Title]
* Steambot Chronicles 2
* Syphon Filter PS3 [onAXIS]
* Super Robot Taisen PS3
* Tekken 6 [2008 Title]
* Terra: Formations
* thatgamecompany Project #3 [untitled]
* Valkyria Chronicles
* Wardevil [2008 Title]
* Way of the Samurai 3
* White Knight Story [2008 Title]
* Yakuza: Kenzan!
* Zipper Interactive Project

PlayStation Network Exclusives

Released [31 Titles]

* Aquatopia [PlayStation Eye]
* Blast Factor
* Calling All Cars!
* Cash Guns Chaos DLX
* Everyday Shooter
* EyeCreate [PlayStation Eye]
* flOw
* Go! Puzzle
* Go! Sports Ski
* Go! Sudoku
* Gran Turismo HD Concept
* Gripshift [Timed Exclusive]
* High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition
* High Velocity Bowling
* Lemmings
* Loco Roco Cocoreecho!
* Mesmerize [PlayStation Eye]
* Mortal Kombat II
* Nucleus
* Operation Creature Feature [PlayStation Eye]
* PixelJunk Monsters
* PixelJunk Racers
* Piyotama
* Snakeball
* Super Rub-a-Dub
* Super Stardust HD
* Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
* Tori-Emaki [PlayStation Eye]
* Toy Home
* Trials of Topoq [PlayStation Eye]

Upcoming [19 Titles]

* Angel Love Online [+PC] [FREE]
* Big Time Revenge
* EchoChrome
* Elefunk
* Ember [PlayStation Eye]
* Fl0wer
* Free Realms [+PC]
* N-Cube
* NovaStrike [onAXIS]
* NCSoft Title #1 [Link]
* NCSoft Title #2 [Link]
* NCSoft Title #3 [Link]
* NCSoft Title #4 [Link]
* Nobi Nobi Boy
* Rat Race
* Skyblue [PlayStation Eye]
* SOCOM: Confrontation
* Soldner-X: Himmelssturmer [onAXIS] [+PC]
* Warbit
* Wipeout HD

MultiPlatform Unknown Exclusives [2 Titles]

* Silent Hill 5 [Possibility]
* TimeSplitters 4

Unknown Exclusive/Rumored Titles [11 Titles]

* Crysis [Insider Revelation] [+PC]
* Dark Cloud 3
* Digimon World Online [Wikipedia]
* Epic Project [Announcement]
* Final Fantasy VII [Possibility] [Petition] [Crisis Core Secret]
* Gundam [onAXIS]
* Kingdom Hearts III
* Rampage: The Death of the World [Wikipedia]
* Sly 4 [Wikipedia]
* Twisted Metal [Clown Cloud]
* Zone of the Enders 3 [Magazine Scan]

Xbox 360 Exclusives Stolen by PlayStation 3 [6 Titles]

* Eternal Sonata [Extra Content/Features]
* Lost Planet: Extreme Condition [All DLC Included]
* Overlord: Raising Hell [All DLC Included]
* Two Worlds
* World In Conflict

PlayStation 3 Exclusives Stolen by Xbox 360 [4 Titles]

* Assassin's Creed
* Devil May Cry 4
* Fatal Inertia
* GripShift

Asian PlayStation 3 Exclusives [17 Titles]

* Agaresu Senki [Record of Agarest War]
* Imabiksou
* Initial D: Extreme Stage
* Little House in the Plateau [Working Title]
* Mahjong Taikai IV
* Megazone 23: Blue Garland
* Mist of Chaos
* My Summer Holiday
* Pro Yakyuu Spirits 4
* Pro Yakyuu Spirits 5
* Railfan
* Railfan Taiwan Koutetsu
* SEGA Golf Club
* Tears to Tiara: Kakan no Daichi
* Wangan Midnight
* Winning Post 7 Maximum 2007
* Yamasa DigiWorld DX [Working Title]

Id like to see the xbox list. Probably the size of your one sided comment.

EDIT: This comment was updated a million times

EDIT #2: A million + 1....

toughNAME3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

Gears of War 2 trumps that entire list.

except for Loco Roco Cocoreecho! ...nothing trumps the Roco

Breakfast3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

You just put me to reporting myself as -SPAM-.

I think this, WEAKname, name is gonna stick.

toughNAME3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

and now weakname

The nickname's never stick, Brunch

EDIT - hey! F*** YOU Brunch!

Breakfast3933d ago

Oh no...keep commenting 4BubbleNAME...your catching up to your limit.

OOOOOHHHH....Thats why you keep editing your comments, because of the limit.

Breakfast3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago ) just commenting again because i have a bubble to spare...nothing to see here...

3933d ago
Sev3933d ago

Pretty annoying George. And totally not funny.

Breakfast3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

@ George ruined it.

You made our last comments about you...i am also reporting as SPAM

Edit: Theres a point where you take things too far, and you crossed that point.

George Washington3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

@ breakfast
your the one that wasted like 3 pages of scrolling with your dumbass list. so i just made another list just to show how annoying yours was.

EDIT: i didnt even know i could do that LOL. i just copyd pasted it like 3-4 times, i thought it didnt work until i hit post.. then im like holy shiit!! ROFL and i just left it like that LOL

Fishy Fingers3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

You've only copied and pasted them from another site/forum so just use a link.

Reported as Spam. Both of you.

The Wood3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )


you, toughname, are now officially funny. Sometimes we take this stuff way too seriously.

EDIT @ Fighter below

he was joking

Oom3933d ago

I think toughtname went off the deep end. lol

Fighter3933d ago

That was an April fools joke. People in UK or Europe have a head start on April fools by 5 hours or more depending on where they are that's why it looks like they post a day before but they are fooling us North Americans.

joydestroy3933d ago

you forgot GTAIV as a stolen Playstation exclusive.

haha, i thought all of those comments were pretty funny though, thanks guys.

Shadow Flare3933d ago

I like peanut butter on toast, but not on sandwiches


CrazedFiend3933d ago

The Gamer Zone has now OFFICIALLY FAILED!!!

I give up...

LJWooly3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

I hate peanutbutter on toast, it makes my mouth all dry. I'll have peanutbutter on sandwiches, though. I prefer jam on toast, it's much better. Although I hate when some idiot puts the jam in the fridge, then when you take it out to put it on your toast it's all cold, so it makes your toast cold, and cold toast isn't very nice.

Peanutbutter and jam (or jelly,as you americans know it) isn't nice at all, and I don't know how people can eat that crap. Alone, they're nice, but together, they're horrible. Like meat and custard.

Shadow Flare3933d ago

LJWooly, you are off you're rocker mate. Peanut butter on sandwiches suck. They suck. On toast it sort of melts a little and it tastes so good. And the fridge is the home of the jam jar mate. Maybe you have a point about putting jam on toast yeah, cos cold and hot doesn't mix but jam/fridge, fridge/jam, it's a match made in heaven. But don't even get me started on marmite on sandwiches. That is possibly worse than apartheid

LJWooly3933d ago

Ugh. I'll agree with you on Marmite there, it's just... disgusting. Then again, as the advert clearly states, you either love it or you hate it. I personally hate it.

Also, I don't hate the taste of peanutbutter on toast, it's just that, in my house, some tard always likes to put peanutbutter in the fridge, so it's all hard afterwards, meaning it sticks to the roof of my mouth and feels all coarse, and I can kiss my chances of that lovely melting sensation you described goodbye :(

Btw, you talking about crunchy peanutbutter or smooth peanutbutter? Crunchy ftw :)

Shadow Flare3933d ago

the hell would i be talking about smooth peanut butter for, crunchy is where its at. Jam in the fridge is good, but peanut butter in the fridge...thats just all wrong. When you go home, you should personally punch in the face whoever sticks it in the fridge. But see, thats the thing though, cos i love marmite on toast yeah, but i hate it on sandwiches. Hmm, i guess that still complies with the advert. Definately try peanut butter on toast when its not been in the fridge though, it really is awesome. And also, if its your girlfriend or mum or someone who puts it in the fridge...its probably better not to punch them in the face

LJWooly3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

Yeah, I'll make sure I try it later. I may even dare to give marmite on toast a go too...

Bubble for this aweosme convo we got going :)

Milky3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

hahaaaa 'gears of war 2 trumps that entire list' Haaaaahaaa. Who do you think your kidding ?

LJWooly3933d ago

Joe, he was kidding, by the way.

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jwatt3933d ago

I think Home will be released later on and in-game xmb will come soon I hope. I think Home will expand way beyond in-game xmb though.

Xlll3932d ago

all i want is a release date.......

khsmooth3933d ago

So one person made two different reports on one story for no reason whatsoever?? Can somebody explain this to me? And why is this being called Spam?

Storm233933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

Oops, nevermind.

Oom3933d ago

They will co exist as well as ham and cheese.


The Wood3933d ago

There's a lot of anticipation towards what sony is trying to achieve this year. Some new things like home, haze some old things like MGS and Wipeout some strange like LBP and echochrome. What a year it will be

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