Xbox One vs PS4 Value- PS4 Offers Most Value for The Money

The Xbox One and PS4 are around the corner, we take a deeper look into what each console has to offer.


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Ezz20133707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

"PS4 Offers Most Value for The Money"

agreed, at least for me
also i agree with the points in this article
very spot on

JokesOnYou3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Another n4g members blog page with insight reasons like:

"2. The Xbox One console does not function without Kinect, so here is a double risk that could happen. Not only can your Xbox One fail but Kinect could also fail"

-uhm really any piece of electronics COULD fail then you just have to get it fixed, broken disc drive, broken cable, overheating, broken controller, HDD failure, anything, you just have to get them all fixed >>IF<< they fail....lol how is this a reason ps4 is a better value?

I thought this would offer some solid reasoning, but its just filled with terrible logic and it only got worst.

Very poorly written points, seems he was trying hard to make the ps4 a better value....hell Kinect alone retails $400 on pc, so getting X1 and Kinect is already a huge value with micro absorbing most of the costs to get Kinect in as many hands as possible.

TrollCraftTales3707d ago

If you would have actually read it, you would have realized that he said it's a double risk...

The PS4 could fail, and it would not work,

Or the Xbox One OR Kinect could fail and it wouldn't work...

2 risks, instead of 1...

4Sh0w3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

I think he read it it just stupid grasping to add negative points where there is none, there are some valid reasons to not want Kinect but only a fanboy would decline a piece of gaming tech because "well it might break", seriously?

But why stop there by that logic what if your HDD, disc drive, controller stops working? Just because its out of the box doesn't make it any more riskier to stop working anymore than internal components, thats what Jokes is getting at, in fact its more stable being seperate due to less stress and heat just like the original kinect, no problems with Kinect being seperate breaking now is there? Its like saying a all in one pc is a better value than a monitor and tower combination regardless of what extra benefits the combo might have, why, ahh because that bluetooth soundsystem might break. See how ridiculous that logic is? Its just stupid reaching for reasons that makes the author sound desperate more than knowledgeable. I guess its not surprising a quick look at his comment history shows his agenda:

RyuCloudStrife  +&# 160;  24d ago

"It is perfectly normal to want the PS4 to dominate, if you don't I recommend you pay your doctor a visit."

Nice to see such unbiased journalism, huh?

p0tat0stix3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

I stopped reading after "The Xbox One costs $500 dollars"

cedaridge3706d ago

C'mon bro! If you go off of price point, you don't think ps4 is a better value?
#fanboys is So old now

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gamingfriend3707d ago

100% agree thats why im getting it, I know a bargin when I see one, a shame others dont hay.

oscarcat593707d ago

Well reading this was a waste of time.

Supermax3707d ago

I'm so glad ps4 is so cheap so I can afford the x1 as well thanks Sony.

gamingfriend3707d ago

It was a waste yes everyone know the ps4 xan do all that and is better soooooo, there we have it.
So if the kinect is faulty then yes the xbox will have function problems.
Sooooooo pumped for the ps4 that bad boy going to go well with my sony tv.

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